A 24-year-old Murray Bridge man was arrested after he allegedly stole a 4WD

A 24-year-old Murray Bridge man is set to face court following what has been alleged as a “bungled” attempt at stealing a car at Murray Bridge in the early hours of Saturday morning. 

Just after 1am on Saturday a car owner allegedly woke to hear his four-wheel drive (4WD) being driven away from outside his home in Trevor Street.

The car owner’s mother and her partner allegedly chased in her car following the 4WD and phoned police.

Police searched the surrounding streets, where the vehicle appeared from a nearby property, reportedly dragging fencing wire and old fence posts around the vehicle.

The fence reportedly prevented the 4WD from driving further after it tangled up under the vehicle on Agricultural Drive. 

The man allegedly attempted to escape police but was apprehended after a brief chase.  The man was charged with illegal use, driving disqualified, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and refusing a breath test. Enquiries continue for the whereabouts of the male passenger.