Life Through the Lens: Fill ‘er up, mate

Photo: Vikki Wilkes.

Photo: Vikki Wilkes.

Once, service stations had attendants who would ask, “How much, mate?”

Generally, the reply was “fill ‘er up, mate”.

Then came press-buttons: one dollar, five dollars, 10 dollars, fill or reset.

Now very specific dollar amounts can be punched in.

Think about this: daily God stands by you and offers a total fill-up of his love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (see Galatians chapter five, verses 22-23).

But do we say “thanks – fill me up mate” or “no thanks – I don’t need your love today, I’m fine”?

“Joy?” we ask.

“Well, yesterday was a bit down. Maybe today I’ll have a bit.”

“School holidays start next week. Yes, I could do with some peace.

“Patience? Don’t believe my family. I have the patience of Job – whoever he is.

“Goodness? Do you know how many clubs I support? Plus, I go to church almost every Sunday, so I guess we can pass on that.

“Now about faithfulness – I’m not sure. Faithfulness about what? Faithful to whom?

“I suppose gentleness and self-control probably go together, may help me get on with others. Yeah, I’ll have a top-up. Shouldn’t need much.

“Now: what do I owe you?”

“Well actually, when nailed on that cross, my son Jesus paid for everything,” says God.

“A small hint: you may need a bit more of what I’m offering than you think.

“Perhaps have a good look at yourself and come back to me.

“I’m always here.

“As for ‘stop delivery’, that’s not me!”