Plans to create a medical hub

Jabir Sunasara and Dr Sanjeev Sabharwal.

Jabir Sunasara and Dr Sanjeev Sabharwal.

Excitement is building among the staff at the Tailem Bend Medical Centre as they expand their operations.

In August Doctor Sanjeev Sabharwal announced his return to the medical centre and has since worked with his staff to recruit further staff, specialists and introduce new medical equipment. 

Manager Jabir Sunasara said a physiotherapist will join the centre later this month and new machines have been introduced, which will conduct lung function tests and blood flow in the legs.

“We also have plans to start a psychology service in the near future where patients will be able to have a video conference with a psychologist,” Mr Sunasara said.

Dr Sabharwal said plans were underway to expand the team and recruit more specialists who will work with us.

“We also have Doctor Sharoon Shirjeel who will conduct pre-employment health checks and travel vaccines,” Dr Sabharwal said.