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Macy Belinda Egglestone

Macy Belinda Egglestone was born on July 7, 2018 to parents Lyall Egglestone and Emily Kearney, at the Murray Bridge Hospital.

Macy Belinda weighed 6.5 pounds and birth and was 49 centimetres long.

She is adored by her two older siblings Zoey and Anthony. 

Kaylee Kym Margaret Joy

Jack Ryan Joy and Cooper Shayne Joy welcomed the birth of Kaylee Kym Margaret Joy on Jully 11, 2018 at the Murray Bridge Hospital.

Kaylee Kym Margaret weighed 7.72 pounds at her birth.

She is the first daughter of Jack Ryan and Cooper Shayne and is granddaughter to Tasha Burns and Peter Mead and Andrew Joy.

She is the great-granddaughter of Michael and Margaret Burns, Betty Joy and Jenny Pilgrim. 

Finn Ryder Clasohm

On September 9, 2018 Christopher and Samantha Clasohm welcomed the arrival of their child Finn Ryder Clashom at the Murray Bridge Hospital.

Finn Ryder weighed 4080 grams at his birth.

Sister Asha Paige Clashom welcomed her new sibling. 

Finn Ryder’s grandparents are Colleen Welsh, Mark Welsh, Vicki Marshall, Malcolm Carter, Mark Clashom, Phillip Marshall and Rosie Marshall. 

Gus Blatchford

A special event happened right on the River Murray last Saturday when Chad and Sally Blatchford had their seven-week-old son Gus christened on the river this past weekend. 

Gus was christened with holy water straight from the Murray River.

The parents said more and more people were on the lookout for a venue with difference for special occasions, like renewing vows and scattering ashes of loved ones. 

The Minster’s who christened Gus was Peter Heintze from the Coonalpyn Redeemer Church. 

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