​A Letter From The Past – In Remembrance

September, 27, 1942

Dear Mum, Dad and all at home.

Have not had a letter for some time now, but hoping to receive one shortly, and know how you are all at home getting on.

Myself doing well.

I am writing this letter at the front lines, and it is very quiet here now, only a few shells now and again.

I sent two telegrams to you a few days ago, hope you have received them.

The weather over here is always hot, don’t know what rain looks like, and is very dewy in the mornings.

Plenty of tucker, water, tobacco, and beer, so you see it’s like home! (like hell)

Could you send me photos of you Mum and Dad so I could get my photo made in together with yours, and send it home?

I am also sending in this letter a photo of our platoon and officers, you will notice my handsome dial, right of the officer.

Still as good looking a son you could wish for.

Give my love to all, Xmas is drawing near, I thought six months ago I would be home for Xmas, but the luck was not with us, but we still got hopes of getting home in 1950.

Well everyone at home hope you have the best of everything, and Mum and Dad look after yourselves and take things easy.

Well so long for the time being, Love to you all especially Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

From your far away son, Henry.


This was Henry’s last letter as he never came home he was killed in the first few days of the Battle of El Alamein, in Egypt on the 25th October, 1942.

All correspondence that had been sent to him from family was returned unopened, and the telegram sent advising of his death was delivered months before his family received his last two letters.

Henry was wounded twice in the Siege of Tobruk once was an injury to his jaw, throat and shoulder but he returned to fight like many of our young men who paid the ultimate price with their lives for victory.

All reference to his actual family members has not been included.

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