Find out the reason why Mannum Baptist Church now goes by a new name

RIIVERSIDE: Mannum baptist church is now known as Mannum Community church. Photo: Emma Zirkel.
RIIVERSIDE: Mannum baptist church is now known as Mannum Community church. Photo: Emma Zirkel.

Mannum Baptist Church will from now on be known as Mannum Community Church. What's in a one-word change? There's a story behind it.

Firstly, it's the same church. Mannum Baptist Church was established in 1888 and has gathered and served in the town through all its highs and lows ever since.

In fact, current pastor Colin Nieass was born in Mannum and brought up in the church.

The church has always been connected with the wider Baptist movement in SA, and that's not changing now.

This name change is not about leaving or denying our heritage. We're excited about the vibrancy of our growing movement in Australia. So why the name change?

We simply believe that the word 'Community' better captures in today's language many of the things that the lesser-known 'Baptist' has meant all along: Our movement is a movement of the people. Baptist churches aren't governed by a bishop or a head-office in the big smoke.

In each neighbourhood, they are a collective of local Christians who make decisions by simply praying and discussing together how to best represent God's kingdom locally.

Decisions like what name is best for us, or our recent decision to sell our old buildings to enable us to plan towards building something great for the kids of Mannum.

So even though our roots go way back and down deep, following and representing Jesus means looking up and looking forward and not being afraid to prune off some old branches and leave some things behind.

We're a Christian community for the whole community, not just historic Baptists.

You don't have to have much - or any - church experience.

If you're interested in joining us as we figure out together how to express God's love in this place, and invest faith, hope and love in the next generations, come and have a cuppa. We're still on William St for now, meeting in the old house (Tea Rooms), but our sign will change when we get a chance to update it.