Council election results announced in Murray Bridge, Mid Murray, Coorong, Karoonda East Murray

The winds of change have blown through the Coorong council, where six of nine seats will be held by Team for Change candidates after the local election.

Results were announced over the weekend for elections held in all South Australian councils.

But locally, it was in the Coorong where voters’ anger was most evident, as almost two thirds of those eligible – double the state average – made their voices heard.

Three previous councillors – Julie Barrie, Peter Wright and Donna Middleton – were voted out, though Neville Jaensch scraped back in.

Previous Deputy Mayor Paul Simmons and ratepayers' group president Glynis Taylor were easily elected under the Team banner.

Lisa Rowntree and returnee Jeff "Tank" Arthur also made it, joining Tracy Hill, Vern Leng and Sharon Bland, who were elected unopposed.

Murray Bridge will have three new civic representatives: real estate agent John DeMichele, corrections officer Mat O'Brien and farmer Wayne Thorley, replacing the ousted Tod Cusack and two retirees.

Long-serving Clem Schubert and office supplies retailer Andrew Baltensperger were re-elected with more than 500 votes each, while Fred Toogood, Airlie Keen, Karen Eckermann and Tyson Matthews will also be back.

Brenton Lewis was returned unopposed as Mayor.

In the Mid Murray district, Dave Burgess has received a resounding vote of confidence in his leadership, seeing off two mayoral challengers after receiving almost 75 per cent of votes.

The four councillors who sought re-election – Kevin Myers, Jeff Hall, Steve Wilkinson and Peter "Beachy" Raison – were all returned.

But five retirements created space for Dennis McCarthy, Leonard Forrester and Steven Hennessy, in Eyre ward, and Simone Bailey and Peter Smith, in Shearer ward, to join them.

Karoonda East Murray will also get two new councillors, Russell Norman and Simon Martin, at the expense of John Wooldridge.

Caroline Phillips has been elected unopposed as Mayor, while her predecessor, Kevin Burdett, will take a councillor's seat alongside Yvonne Smith, Daryl Sparks and Darren Zadow.

The new councils will meet at 7pm next Monday in Murray Bridge, 10am next Tuesday at Cambrai, 2pm the same day at Tailem Bend and 6.30 that night at Karoonda.

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4.15pm Monday

The last two spots on the Mid Murray council have been won by Simone Bailey and Peter Smith, after a preference count.

For more results, see below.

9.30pm Sunday

Three new faces have been elected to the Murray Bridge council: real estate agent John DeMichele, corrections officer Mat O’Brien and farmer Wayne Thorley.

Fred Toogood, Airlie Keen, Karen Eckermann and Tyson Matthews have been re-elected alongside Clem Schubert and Andrew Baltensperger after Mr Matthews leapfrogged an unlucky Robert Walker on preferences.

Each councillor will earn an annual allowance of $17,270.

Tod Cusack was the only incumbent councillor who did not win re-election.

Mayor Brenton Lewis was re-elected unopposed yesterday.

In the Mid Murray district, seven of nine vacancies have been filled so far, with all sitting councillors who sought re-election returned.

Dennis McCarthy, Leonard Forrester and Steven Hennessy will join the council, while Kevin Myers and Jeffrey Hall have been re-elected.

Steve Wilkinson and Peter “Beachy” Raison will also be back after amassing more than the magic number of 258 votes apiece in Shearer ward.

The other two spots will be decided by a preference count.

Eight candidates are still in the race: Peter Smith (178 votes), Simone Bailey (146), Terry Udy (82), Tony Hosking (72), Jane Humphrey (62), Vince Critchley (48), Mark Thompson (45) and Brian McCormack (32).

The Centre Alliance’s candidate for Barker in the upcoming federal election, Kelly Gladigau, was one of 11 council candidates whose campaigns fell short.

Mid Murray councillors earn an allowance worth $13,700 per annum.

The revolution is complete in the Coorong district, where candidates from the so-called Team for Change will hold five of nine seats on the new council.

After a preference count, Brenton Qualmann has joined Paul Simmons, Glynis Taylor, Lisa Rowntree and Tracy Hill.

Previous Mayor Neville Jaensch is also back in, but three previous councillors – Julie Barrie, Peter Wright and Donna Middleton – have all been turfed out by voters.

All results in Karoonda East Murray – where Caroline Phillips was elected unopposed as Mayor and eight candidates had contested six vacancies – were known yesterday.

For more results, see below.

6.10pm Saturday

Two councillors have been elected on first preferences in Murray Bridge: Clem Schubert and Andrew Baltensperger.

The remaining seven positions will come down to a preference count.

Each candidate will need to reach the magic number of 473 votes to be elected.

In order of votes received, the other 15 candidates are Fred Toogood (463), Airlie Keen (408), Mat O’Brien (375), John DeMichele (359), Karen Eckermann (330), Wayne Thorley (327), Robert Walker (245), Tyson Matthews (202), John Hewitson (188), Penny Heighes (183), Rocco Fresiello (174), Tod Cusack (159), Jagtar Singh (137), Sharon Secker (89) and Steve Moritz (76).

We’ll hopefully have another update tomorrow.

5.35pm Saturday

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Votes are still being counted for Murray Bridge, where nine councillor positions are vacant, though Brenton Lewis will continue as Mayor after being elected unopposed
  • Dave Burgess is back as Mid Murray Mayor, but counting is still going for the nine councillor spots there too
  • In the Coorong, Team for Change candidates have won four of the seven seats decided so far, with two still up for grabs; the mayoralty will not be decided until the first meeting of the new council
  • The Karoonda East Murray district has a new mayor, Caroline Phillips, elected unopposed; and two new councillors

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5.15pm Saturday

Incoming Karoonda East Murray Mayor Caroline Phillips has shared her thoughts on the next four years after being formally elected unopposed.

“The biggest challenge for our small community is to remain relevant and sustainable,” she said.

“Karoonda East Murray – and the Mallee region in general – has an incredible amount of untapped beauty and potential.

“We are resilient, creative and passionate people, and I want to help find ways council can partner with the community to harness these values and ensure sustainable opportunities for future generations.

“Over the past 12 months the council began groundwork on a number of strategies to specifically address the district’s sustainability.

“Now I’m excited to be a part of a leadership group that can bring these actions to fruition.”

She also said she looked forward to making the council more efficient and working with the community on a 20-year vision for the district.

She had acted in the role during the past 12 months due to the poor health of Kevin Burdett, who has been elected as an ordinary councillor this time around.

The new Karoonda East Murray council will likely hold its first meeting on November 20.

5.10pm Saturday

Dave Burgess has been easily re-elected Mayor of the Mid Murray Council after receiving almost 74 per cent of votes in the three-way race.

Kitty Schiansky came second, while Lisa Bottroff received 259 votes despite declaring in The Standard that she regretted nominating and did not want the job.

The Electoral Commission of SA is yet to declare which candidates have won the nine vacancies on the council.

Meanwhile, in the Coorong district, Paul Simmons and Glynis Taylor are guaranteed spots on the next council after receiving more than enough first-preference votes.

A preference count will decide which of Brenton Qualmann, Neville Jaensch, Peter Wright, Donna Middleton and Fiona Paech wins the last two vacancies in Mallee ward.

For what it’s worth, Mr Qualmann, with 183, and Mr Jaensch, with 165, came the closest to cut-off of 208 votes at which they would have been automatically elected.

4.50pm Saturday

Team for Change candidate Lisa Rowntree has been elected to the Coorong District Council in the Parks ward.

Cr Jeff “Tank” Arthur will continue to serve after winning the most votes in the ward, but Julie Barrie’s run on the council has come to an end after she finished third in the race for two spots.

Tracy Hill had already been elected unopposed in the Lakes ward, to join continuing councillors Vern Leng and Sharon Bland.

Votes are still being counted in the Mallee ward, where seven candidates – including incumbent Mayor Neville Jaensch – are vying for four vacancies.

Each Coorong councillor will receive an allowance of $9900 per year.

4.40pm Saturday

Kevin Burdett has been returned to the District Council of Karoonda East Murray as a councillor, though Caroline Phillips will succeed him as mayor, having already been elected unopposed.

Yvonne Smith, Daryl Sparks and Darren Zadow will also continue on the council.

Newcomers Russell Norman and Simon Martin will join them.

John Wooldridge’s term on the council will end after he won just 14 first-preference votes, while Gordon Owens’ election bid was unsuccessful.

With just 471 votes cast across the district, the quota needed to win a seat on the council for four years, and the $6500 per year allowance that goes with it, was 68 votes.

4.30pm Saturday

The Electoral Commission of South Australia is publishing the results of the state’s local government elections this afternoon.

About a third of eligible voters wound up participating in polls across the state, but the proportion was much higher in parts of the Murraylands.

The participation rate was 64pc in the Coorong’s Parks ward and 59pc in Mallee ward; 64pc in Karoonda East Murray; 54pc in Mid Murray’s Murray ward, 43pc in Shearer Ward and 40pc in Eyre ward.

But interest in Murray Bridge’s election was lower – 34.6pc of voters, or just under 5000 people, returned their ballots.