Making it easier to get about in Murray Bridge

The Rural City of Murray Bridge has been working to make it easier for locals and visitors to get about. Access to the river and local amenities has been the focus which has included looking at off road access for walking and cycling on major transport routes and cycle lanes on less trafficable routes, together with improved signage. The strategies and plans also aim to make Murray Bridge a more interesting and attractive place to visit and spend time.

The Walking and Cycling Masterplan and Concept Design has identified key routes connecting walkers and cyclists to sites of interest and the riverfront. Breaking up routes into principal, local and recreational makes it easier to access points of interest within the township. Principal routes will make use of high trafficable roads by creating off road options on direct routes. Local roads with low amounts of traffic will have on road treatments in terms of bicycle lanes and recreational routes which allow greater access to the riverfront and recreational trails.

The Wayfinding and Signage Strategy focuses on directional signage to the riverfront as well as identifying key locations and showing how to get to them. The strategy provides clear information to visitors and locals and addresses issues of:

·         Inconsistent or incomplete wayfinding signage that needs updating;

·         Signage that is not up-to-date with the latest branding;

·         Incomplete signage directing visitors to the riverfront attractions; and

·         Lack of wayfinding for visitors arriving by boat to find key attractions.

The Swanport Road Masterplan, will enhance the local character of the area as people enter Murray Bridge along Swanport Road. The design will feature improved movement networks (eg an off-road shared path), landscaped verges, street tree planting, improved amenities and lighting, as well as artwork and signage at main entries and key intersections.

The Footpath Network Expansion Strategy is a 10-year plan to increase the standard of footpaths in Murray Bridge. It provides guidance and structure that will enable council to expand its network without placing significant financial burden on the community. This work is closely linked and complementary to the Walking and Cycling Masterplan.

Kevin Heyndyk,

Team Leader Youth Sport & Recreation

Rural City of Murray Bridge