Night owls bowlers freeze

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

Lawn bowls is usually a summer sport, but last week the weather certainly forgot this fact.

While a few teams rang to check out the play situation on Wednesday, most teams bravely turned up to play, but I’m sure all were relieved when it was decided to call the night off.

On Thursday, however, again with all but two teams arriving to take on the elements – some well rugged up – play did go on with the games shortened to 12 ends.

All in all conditions were not too bad if you had warm clothes on.

The rain did the right thing and stayed away.

Competition was the tightest for the season, with Benders, Bushwackers, Bowls Movement and Old Tigers all playing drawn games.

Swanport Rollers narrowly got in over Classic Fours by one shot in a tight 9-8 game where Classic Fours scored three shots on the second-to-last end to tie the game with one end to play.

Swannies made one shot on this end to win.

Home Detention had a two-shot victory over Awesome Foursomes; the game was drawn at eight shots each with the last end to play, which obviously went to Awesome Foursomes.

River Glades also had only two shots to spare over Green Masters.

In this game Green Masters were two shots clear in a low-scoring affair but River Glades made the biggest end score for the night, taking a four on the last end to win 11-9.

At the end of the shortened night all teams were happy to come into the warmth of the club room for supper and socialising.

At presentation time Benders – Neil Zander, Dave Thiele, Darren Piltz and Mike Thiele – suddenly felt warmer when they were announced as winners of the night.

The losers’ consolation went to the Wot a Racquet team of Helen Reading, Rosie Daish, Lorraine Vickers and Bruce Warner.

Position winners were leader Tash Howard (the Young Ducks), second Vicki Marshall (Swanport Rollers), third Chris Braun (Irritable Bowls) and skipper Nora Seyers (Murray Marauders).

Here’s to warmer conditions next week.

Here’s to warmer conditions next week.