Adelaide Film Festival double feature to screen at Raukkan

A double feature from the Adelaide Film Festival will screen at the Raukkan hall from 7pm this Saturday.

Emu Runner tells the story of a girl who unexpectedly loses her mother and finds solace in the company of an emu, her mother's totem animal.

As her father faces the pressure of becoming a sole parent under the watchful gaze of a social worker, the film explores racial tension and the importance of tradition in Indigenous culture.

Director Imogen Thomas' film, her first, has only previously been shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The other film on the bill will be Supa Modo, about a Kenyan village whose residents work to make a terminally ill nine-year-old the star of her own superhero movie.

The films run for 90 and 74 minutes, so the screening will conclude just after 10pm.

Admission is free.