Life Through the Lens: a bunch of blessings

Photo: Kevin Schrapel/Country Blooms.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel/Country Blooms.


The alarm went off.


The alarm stopped.

Slowly his legs swung over the bed edge.

“Just another day in a long line of days.”

As his head cleared, he half-remembered something his mother had once said: “my boy, each day should be like wandering through a garden that has been prepared just for you, a garden not of pretty flowers, but a garden of experiences, ideas, opportunities, stories and people, each one prepared for you, handed to you by a gardener who intimately knows you and wants each moment of each day to be like picking special plants for you to enjoy, to learn about, to understand, to stop and smell, to look closely and learn something new about the plant, about yourself, your life and the people you meet”.

He knew Mum was really talking about walking through the day with each moment shared with her special friend Jesus.

She often said to him, “I know you don’t think about Jesus much, but he thinks about you all day”.

In his mind he saw the picture of Jesus that hung on her bedroom wall and the words “today walk with Jesus through the garden of life”, and beneath those words a Bible verse, James chapter one, verse 17: “Every good gift and every perfect present comes from heaven; it comes down from God”.

Maybe today he’d try wandering through the day with him, and see what sort of bouquet he’d finish the day with.

Happy gathering.