Kindness award given out

Murraylands Animal Welfare Watch (MAWW) recently announced its 2018 Annual Kindness Award winner, Darren Appleby.  Darren and his partner Hayley (also a nominee) run Furever Farm in Rockleigh.

Predominantly for farm animals, Darren and Hayley also extend their kindness to companion animals, enabling them to live long and prosper amongst their cruelty free circle.

Furever Farm Inc is a registered not-for-profit charity sanctuary and re-homing organisation for unwanted, dumped, orphaned, abused and unfortunate animals.

Established in 2016, its mission was initially to simply help save as many of the “forgotten” animals in the farming industry as possible, whilst helping educate others on the need for such rescues.

There were minimal farm animal rescues around, despite the overwhelming number of animals ill-treated and scarcely thought of.

Darren and Hayley found land, spent money, fixed paddocks and opened their gates to those animals in need, the first such establishment in SA’s Murraylands.

There they began giving animals a sanctuary - taking in as many animals as they could, some so beaten and scarred Darren and Hayley spent months rehabilitating, socialising and nursing through injury, illness and psychological torment.

Furever Farm relies solely on donations and fundraising and more often than not, it is financed by Darren and Hayley’s personal funds to keep the rescue and care operations running.

They simply hope to remain open – to provide love and care to the most needy and deserving - the animals.

Their slogan speaks for itself, FUREVER FARM - Where the voiceless come to speak.

Among many excellent nominations, Darren Appleby was unanimously voted as the Award winner this year by our team at MAWW and will receive a $250 cash prize, with local acknowledgement and publicity for his kindness. 

If you know of a worthy recipient of the Annual Kindness Award for 2019, please check out MAWW’s Facebook page for notifications of the next round of nominations, likely September 2019.