Here's an easy New Year resolution everyone can keep, writes Kevin Schrapel

“This year I am going to give up chocolate. In your dreams: I’d die.”

It was once said, “New Year resolutions are made to be broken.”

However, I know of one that is easy, and we could all keep it – no trouble. 

Let me set the scene:

You rush into a public toilet, drop your daks; Aaah.

Then it hits you. Where is the paper? One of those things invented by a sadist is hanging on the wall, smiling at you and saying, “In here; but you have to find the end – if you can.”

At least some now have windows.

Tentatively you feel up and around inside “The Thing”.

It would be safer putting your hand in the mouth of “Jaws.”

Ah! Paper! But where is the elusive end? It’s almost as if some malevolent toilet roll spirit is ensuring the end remains firmly cuddled up to itself; never to be parted. (There are even some holders which have been designed to only rotate one way – surely the Devil’s work)

Almost convincing yourself, “there are probably worse things than living in a cubicle”, then: success.

The malevolent spirit gives up and with a heart felt “thank you” you extract your hand: the end of the paper; once again all is right with the world.

Now, the easy to keep resolution.

When tearing off your piece of paper, ensure an end is left hanging for the next desperate soul. Remember Jesus did say, “do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Little acts of caring DO count.

Have a blessed 2019.

Kevin Schrapel