Murray Bridge powerlifter Kevin Conway wins silver at 2018 world masters in Orlando, Florida

After 13 years away from the sport, two ruptured triceps, two torn bicep muscles and open heart surgery which led to a triple heart bypass in 2015, Murray Bridge's Kevin Conway has once again set foot on the world lifting platform, representing Australia at the WPC World Masters Powerlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida in November, competing in the 110-kilogram body weight class and 60 to 64-year age group.

Conway went head to head with his rival, John Carrano from the United States.

Carrano squatted 182.5kg on his second attempt and missed his third attempt at 190kg.

Conway squatted 190kg on his third and final attempt.

Next was the bench press.

Because of the above injuries, Conway's bench press was no longer as competitive, so Carrano took advantage and the lead.

He benched 167.5kg on his third attempt, whereas Conway only managed 100kg.

With the pressure rising, it was now time for the deadlift discipline.

The American coach and team watched Conway carefully, knowing he was a big deadlifter.

Carrano deadlifted 215kg on his second attempt, while Conway deadlifted 263kg on his, smashing the world record of 217kg.

Carrano attempted to lift 227.5kg on his final attempt but was unable to lift the weight off the floor.

This left an opening for Conway to go for the win.

He took 275kg for his final deadlift.

The weight came off the floor easily but unfortunately stalled just underneath his knees.

He couldn't lock the weight out, as required in the rulebook.

Carrano took first place, winning the gold medal with a total of 565kg.

Conway took second place with 553kg, but the American coach and team were in awe of his deadlifting abilities: not only the weight he lifted for his age, but that he did it without a weightlifting belt.

Joaquin Morais, of Portugal, the previous deadlift record holder, later messaged Conway on social media to congratulate him.