Murray Bridge’s Garry Palachicky returns from yoga world championships

Three years ago he had not even done yoga before.

Now, Murray Bridge's Garry Palachicky looks forward to improving on his recent performance at the World Championship of Yoga Sports.

As Australia's senior champion, Palachicky, 51, travelled to Beijing, China in December to compete.

He believed jetlag had contributed to a performance with which he was not satisfied.

The competition was on a Sunday; he arrived on the Friday, after a flight which was supposed to take 12 hours but wound up taking 20.

When he arrived, his luggage had been lost.

It was not the ideal preparation.

"Before I went to compete I did my practice and had some difficulty doing it," he said.

"The plane flight, a lack of sleep, a lack of food ... I couldn't stand in a bow-pulling pose.

"I was very dizzy, I kept falling out of it.

"But that's a learning experience for next time."

Three Americans took the podium positions in the senior men's class after demonstrating poses Palachicky described as "safe".

But the trip had still been one of the highlights of a lifetime, he said; especially the chance to meet yoga athletes from China, the United States, Switzerland and dozens of other countries - "you can't beat that".

He hoped to return to the next world championships in 2020.