Ladies endure hot start to second half

Bowling: Sandy Penrose, Murray Bridge Maroon. Photo: Supplied.
Bowling: Sandy Penrose, Murray Bridge Maroon. Photo: Supplied.

Murray Bridge Maroon v Meningie

This was a game we were hoping would be canceled due to the temperature for the day.

We played 19 ends before the temperature reached 38 degrees.

Skipper Jan Kennedy had a good win against skipper Margie Little.

Maroon won the first end with a three, then lost the next end, then won the next six ends with two threes and two twos, which gave them a good lead early in the game.

Maroon won 12 ends to Meningie’s six, which put the final score at 20-8.

Skipper Kristeena Kirchner, for Maroon, played against Meningie skipper Joy Marsh.

Meningie started well, winning the first five ends, then Maroon retaliated, winning the next four ends, which put the score at 8-13.

After the break Maroon won five ends to Meningie’s three.

The score on the 18th end was close, 18-17, so the pressure was on for the last few ends.

Maroon scored a four on the 19th end, which was to be the last due to the heat, which gave Maroon the win with a score of 22-17.

Skipper Kay Simes played against Meningie skipper Sally McKehnie.

This was a game that didn't look good for Maroon up until the 17th end.

It was a game for both teams of win a couple, then lose a couple of ends.

Meningie scored a five on the fifth end, which put them in front by six.

Maroon scored a four on the 15th end, then won the next two ends, which put them back in the game at 16-17.

Meningie won the last two ends when we finished on the 19th end with a final score of 16-20.