Mannum solar farm: Tetris Energy granted approval | MAP

A plan of a proposed solar farm at Mannum. Image: Tetris Energy.
A plan of a proposed solar farm at Mannum. Image: Tetris Energy.

Another solar farm has been given a go-ahead for development in the Murraylands, this time at Mannum.

The five-megawatt Mannum Solar Farm will be built on Mannum Road, three kilometres west of town, opposite Rivapak's onion packaging facility.

An array of 17,500 solar panels will blanket the site, surrounded by a security fence and vegetation screen to limit the visual impact for neighbouring property owners.

The proposal was approved last April and tweaked in November, with the number of panels reduced to keep them from overshadowing each other.

The group behind the project is Melbourne-based Tetris Energy, which has previously developed almost a dozen solar and wind power plants around Australia.

The company has already secured a buyer for the proposed plant's entire output of electricity.

It has also proposed a second stage at Mannum with a capacity of 29MW.

The project is not the only one underway in the Mid Murray district.

SA Water applied in November to build solar arrays of a comparable size at its facility at Palmer, next door to Collier Park.

It also applied to erect banks of panels at Sedan and Morgan.

The applications are yet to be approved.

Further north but within the boundaries of the Mid Murray district, at Morgan, the Lyon Group is developing a 300MW solar collection and storage facility.

There are also three other solar power plants in various stages of development around the Murraylands.

The two biggest are at Tailem Bend, where UGL is in the process of building a 238MW plant, and Pallamana, where RES Renewables plans to construct a 176MW facility.

At the Murray Bridge end of Mannum Road, Terregra Renewables has received approval to build another 5MW plant.

In addition, more than 8000 Murraylands households now have solar panels installed on their roofs, for a combined capacity likely to be in the range of 30MW; and many large businesses – including Murray Bridge Marketplace and Adelaide Mushrooms – have followed suit.