Seven social media habits to ditch in 2019

I love social media. I love the banter, the spectacular photos and the fact that social media can be used to provide immense support and solidarity to people during time of need.

But there is plenty that drives me nuts about it and the distorted lens through which it forces us to see the world.

Many of us are in danger of suffering some serious social media fatigue. All too often, posts make us feel less adequate rather than happier.

So I’ve put together some tips to keep us all enjoying, rather than enduring, social media throughout 2019.

  1. Take social media off your phone

I did this about six months ago. It’s a pain in the butt when you are trying to find out what time the school disco starts from your car, but it’s liberating.

  1. Cut down on the #blessed

In fact, don’t ever use that hashtag again. Every time you use it, you are saying “I’m so lucky my life is better than other people’s”.

  1. Don’t brag

Every time you feel the urge to post about how fast your kids are, how smart they are or the fact that they can unpack the dishwasher, give yourself an uppercut. Don’t get me wrong - I think it's great to share photos of your children doing things they enjoy but resist the temptation to make it boastful.

  1. Easy on the health and fitness

I love seeing posts from friends who’ve worked hard to complete a triathlon or drop some kilos. But I don’t need daily updates. Join a fitness group on social media and share your observations there.

  1. Get off your high horse

It’s fine to express an opinion every now and then but don’t be the person who’s always getting hot under the collar on social media about things that don’t really matter.

  1. Stop following people who make you feel bad.

These might even be people you love. People who, in real life, you really enjoy hanging out with. But if their posts are getting you down you need to take charge. You don’t need to ‘defriend’ these people, you can just unfollow them. Your mental health will thank you in the end.

  1. Don’t stop sharing

The most important thing about social media is making connections - not creating perceptions. So please keep sharing but don’t be afraid to post something daggy about your life while you’re at it.

Penelope Arthur, National News Editor,

Australian Community Media.