Letters to the editor, February 5, 2019

We should keep working with the basin plan

The South Australian government has published the Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission report.

The Marshall Liberal government will not rush into a response to the report and will take a measured and thorough approach.

As always I have fought for the health of the Murray River including fighting the building of a weir at Wellington during the millennium drought.

I believe we should keep working with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan to ensure we deliver the outcomes we need for the environment, irrigators and critical human needs.

I fully support returning 3200GL of water to the basin for environmental recovery.

In delivering this amount of water we need to explore all options to recover water from the system, including infrastructure upgrades.

It is clear from the report that all water in the system should be measured; until this happens, accurate data and adequate planning will not happen, to the detriment of downstream communities.

I welcome the $70 million Project Coorong recovery package which will support the long-term health of the Coorong.

I will always fight for the health of the River Murray and always have done in the full knowledge of where we sit at the bottom of the system.

Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond

End the fish kills now

We need to end the fish kills in Menindee now.

This is a catastrophic event that is man-made and should never have happened.

When did we let our governments decide that it was okay to put self-interest and profit before human life?

This could have all been avoided if the ministers and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority had stood up and investigated the concerns brought to them back in 2016 regarding the levels of take by a few corporate irrigators when they were taken to task by healthy rivers advocates, including myself.

They were not surprised – why?

Because they knew full well.

This has gone on for far too long.

Where and what are the local ministers doing?

Tony Pasin is the current federal member for Barker electorate, which encompasses the Riverland.

Why hasn’t he came out and called for the government to take serious action to help the Darling River?

Rivers die from the mouth up.

Algae blooms across the Darling are increasing, and now we are seeing the deaths of shellfish here in the Coorong.

Tony Pasin, Senator Anne Ruston and state Environment Minister David Speirs should be speaking out.

I am over this – enough is enough.

I am urging everyone to speak up.

Please start ringing; sit on the phone all day if you must.

Demand that the corporate Muppets, our federal government, get off their backsides and stop being puppets of the corporate irrigators.

This government needs to end the devastation on the Darling now by putting an embargo on the corporate irrigators to get real, wet water flowing down the river, stop the pumping by big cotton and do their jobs.

This government needs to start working for the Australian people.

Rosa Hillam, Greens candidate for Barker