Ladies play close matches

Precise: Sally McKechnie delivers a bowl for Meningie. Photos: Supplied.
Precise: Sally McKechnie delivers a bowl for Meningie. Photos: Supplied.

Tailem Bend v Jervois

Tess Brereton, Julia Teusner, Chris Beauglehall and skip Karen Kneebone for Tailem Bend drew against Des Kluske, Penne Lewis-Brown, Helen Roberts and Heather Fromm, skip for Jervois.

Jervois won the first 11 ends and went into the lunch break leading 18-nil over Tailem Bend.

However, after the break things changed – Jervois won three ends but only picked up singles, while Tailem Bend scored a four, a three, two twos and three singles to take their final score to 14 against Jervois’ 21.

In the next rink Pauline Merritt, Coral Bristow, Lyn Weckert and Ruth Cross were up against Chris Bigmore, Maxine Stasinowsky, Ellen Robinson and Judith Obst.

After six ends, split evenly, both teams were on six; and at the lunch break Tailem Bend led by one.

In the afternoon Tailem won on six ends, picking up multiples on all of them, giving them a total of 27.

Jervois added two singles and two twos, giving them a final score of 17.

In the final rink Tailem Bend’s team of Judy Warner, Gillian Newell, Kathy Liebich and Margaret Voidt played against Ivy Kluske, Linda Smith, Elaine Atkins and Ruth Miller.

In this game there were only two multiples on the card at the lunch break – a two each way – and Jervois were up by one shot.

After the break Jervois added three singles, a three, a four and a seven to reach 24.

Tailem Bend managed to add four singles and tally 10.

Jervois won the day, 62 shots to 51. 

Murray Bridge v Meningie

This was a game that could have gone either way, though Murray Bridge won 60-45.

Skipper Jan Kennedy's team of Lorna Penhall, Jan A'Beckett and Janine Logan played against skipper Margie Little, Pauline Von Den Brink, Rayleen Hurle and Vicki Verrall.

Maroon started well with a four on the first end, then won the next three, lost one, won the next three, then went down on the next five ends to reach a score of 13-9.

Meningie won 11 ends to Maroon’s 10.

Maroon scored a four on the 17th end before Meningie retaliated with a four on the last end, but the score was Marooon 20, Meningie 19.

Maroon skipper Kristeena Kirchner played Meningie skipper Sally McKechnie in another close game, 10-11.

The scores were even five times throughout the game and the teams each won one of the last two ends: Maroon scored a four on the last end for the 17-14 win.

Against skipper Kay Simes, Meningie’s Joy Marsh won the first end with a two, then Maroon won the next three ends for a 6-2 lead.

Meningie won six end to Maroon’s five after the break; the final score was 23-12, including a five from Maroon.

Ellen Robinson sends down a bowl at a recent pennants match.

Ellen Robinson sends down a bowl at a recent pennants match.