Life Through the Lens: About doors

This image by Donna Masson is from the front page of The Advertiser’s SA Weekend a couple of weeks ago, and I thank the editor Roy Eccleston for allowing me to use it.

It highlighted an excellent article by Lauren Novak, who shone the spotlight on domestic violence from a different angle.

While it highlighted the terrible plight of those who flee from abuse to behind closed doors and those who support and care for them, which absolutely needs highlighting, I got to thinking.

Do we need to sometimes consider some of the less dramatic things that go on behind the doors we pass in our daily wanderings?

Consider the family who daily, through perseverance, each supporting the other, turn what could become a crisis into a learning experience which builds strength and resilience.

They find ways to handle the bad times, the sad times, which the children will learn and take with them into adulthood.

Consider the student who, against all odds, sits behind the closed bedroom door and chooses not to be discouraged by the demeaning words on social media and so grows stronger as a person and brings that strength to a community.

Consider your friend, who you have unthinkingly ignored as she waits behind her door for your call which assures that the friendship is still there.

Consider: I could easily fill this whole page, but I hope you will do it for me – in your life.

Jesus knew about doors.

He said “I stand at the door and knock; let me in and in love I will help”.