Happy trails for you in the Murraylands

We are experiencing fabulous weather for adventuring and exploring and as we move into the cooler months. it is a great time to get outdoors and use the local trail networks. 

Being outdoors and experiencing the Murraylands' vast array of trails has many benefits:

- Improved mental and physical health, fitness, wellbeing and disease prevention;

- Engendering a greater sense of community via interaction and nurturing a sense of neighbourhood pride and ownership;

- A connection with the outdoors can lead to a better understanding and appreciation for the environment.

Research has identified that there can be significant financial benefits for communities. Trails and trail networks can: 

- Be a key component in attracting visitors and tourists to an area;

- Encourage tourists to stay longer in an area, and so spend more money;

- Provide opportunities for commercial business, e.g. tour companies; 

- Draw other tourism markets to an area, e.g. kayaking or horse riding.

The best reason of all, it’s free.

What trails are out there?

There are many trails available in the Murraylands. Some of note are:

- The Murray Coorong Trail is a current project which will span from Cadell in the north to Salt Creek in the Coorong as close as possible to the Murray River. This trail is slowly being rolled out. Tackling the entire trail is not for everyone, but small sections are becoming available along the river.

-  The Lavender Federation Trail begins in Murray Bridge and has now reached Clare in the Barossa. This trail reveals breathtaking views and hidden gems along its route; and

-  Kinchina Trails in the hills around Murray Bridge. They have become a destination for walkers and mountain bike riders alike. Explore the amazing vistas and tranquillity in this part of the world.

There are also many parks and open spaces with trails throughout the Murraylands. More information about these s available at the Murray Bridge and Mannum visitor centres and the Coorong council.

Also be aware of the surroundings before you embark of your trail experience. Check the weather, take plenty of water, dress appropriately, slip, slop and slap, but most of all enjoy the environment - outdoors.

Kevin Heyndyk is a team leader youth sport and recreation, Rural City of Murray Bridge