Murray Bridge Fringe draws 2000 to Sixth Street, town hall | PHOTOS

They sat cross-legged or in camp chairs, lined balconies and footpaths and filled the town hall: as many as 2000 people gathered for an appearance by the Adelaide Fringe in Murray Bridge for one night only.

They were not disappointed, if the cheers for each act throughout the night were any indication: Hans and his German-tinged glamour, Ukulele Death Squad and their Tarantino-esque cover songs, even locals such as Mark Bettcher and young adults from The Station's Band Connections program.

Murray Bridge council chief executive officer Michael Sedgman, who attended, said he was pleased with how the event had turned out.

"The event attracted a wide diversity of people ... the young, the old, locals, but also people from the broader region," he said.

"It was a great atmosphere and we had high-quality performances both on Sixth Street, with the Fringe festival entertainers and the local component, and at the ticketed events in the town hall."

He said the council had received "strong feedback" about hosting similar a Fringe event again in 2020, and hoped the strong attendence would help cement the city as an ideal venue in future.

Connor Jolly, the ex-pat who produced the show Go Your Own Way in the town hall, said he, too was stoked so many people had come out.

He even had his own rock star experience in front of a packed house in his home town, contributing vocals on a Fleetwood Mac song after one of the regular band members couldn't make the show.

"Next year I want to do a lot more with the town hall," he said.

"It was definitely worthwhile coming down to Murray Bridge."