Life through the Lens: Passion

Last Saturday I visited the 17th National Heritage Machinery Association Rally; an event full of passion.

Passion for old tractors; old machines; equipment and tools from another age; cycles; river boats; and the list goes on.

I mean, one must have passion to dedicate so much of your life to these interesting and often rare items.

I truly thank God, that there are these passionate keepers of our heritage.

I saw passion for the machines etc.

Friends were greeting each other in that special way that comes with sharing a common interest; a common passion.

To my surprise I came across Wayne Rabone; a man with much passion; but Wayne was different.

He didn't have a tractor or stationary engine.

From the age of seven Wayne has been collecting.

He has the largest collection of "Rabone" tools in the world.

On display, was his collection of 216 different brands of "corrugated iron."

Today, Wayne's passion took him outside the expected engines and machines.

As I stood looking at the corrugated iron, the belching monsters, the smaller stationary motors; I thought "My mate Jesus would be right at home here!"

He was/is, a man of passion, a passion not always expected.

He is passionate that everyone should experience His love; His forgiveness.

His passion is that despite what we might have done or become,

His love and forgiveness is always available.

Read what He said while hanging on the cross - see Luke chapter 23, verses 34-43.

Wayne Rabone

Wayne Rabone

It was a great day out and congratulations to all involved.