Caloote School reunion brings back memories

A reunion of past students and friends of Caloote Primary School was held on Sunday, March 24 at the Palmer Oval complex.

This was the venue where the annual Palmer sports day had been held between local country schools in the area over many years.

Students from as early as 1932 attended, through to those enrolled up to the school's closure in December 1965.

Because Caloote was very much a farming community, many ex-students still resided in close proximity; therefore it was like a gathering of old friends, and in many cases students were related to each other.

tarting at 12.30pm with a shared lunch served by the Palmer Oval committee, more than 80 people enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, swapping stories of the past and rekindling friendships.

Numerous past students travelled long distances from as far away as Perth, Victoria and the South East.

Some had not seen each other since the school closed 54 years earlier, and for a few it had been nearly 70 years.

The reunion wound up at approximately 4.30pm, leaving all with wonderful memories of the past.

A book of the history of Caloote School, from its commencement in 1881 with eight students and teacher John Hausler to its closure in December 1965 with seven students, was made available for purchase on the day.

It also contained photos of students and various teachers, plus the listing of the 582 students who attended during the years the school operated.