Life Through the Lens: Easter is about more than shiny foil

Image: Supplied.

Image: Supplied.

I heard about the child who clutched her first shiny Easter egg to her chest.

No matter what, no one was getting that egg.

It was shiny, bright and never to be pulled apart; the shininess was what mattered.

One day a persistent parent managed, with love and perseverance, to get one corner of the pretty foil folded back.


Behind the foil was something which could bring a different kind of joy chocolate.

All the foil was quickly taken off, then bits were broken off and enjoyed, then more bits.

A friend arrived and they both experienced the joy of sharing something good.

The shiny foil?

That was discarded into a corner.

Another friend arrived and shared in the treasure and everyone agreed it was great to get rid of the shiny foil.

Sadly, there are many who only see the wrappings of Easter and I don't mean Easter eggs.

They only see and experience the story of a man dying on a cross to make a way for people to have a close friendship with the God of the Bible.

They probably also hear the story of how this man came alive again and went back to heaven: all real enough, like the Easter egg foil.

But they miss the experience, the real flavour, of Easter.

Easter is about you and me living the life God intended us to have.

It may not always be shiny and bright, but he did make a way to be friends with him and get the power and understanding to live life in all its fullness.

I'm praying you get to experience the real joy of Easter.

God bless.