Tailem Bend toilet plan delayed as contractor Unique Urban Built is placed in administration

Plans for a new public toilet block at Tailem Bend have been thrown into turmoil with the collapse of the company contracted to build it.

Unique Urban Built was placed under administration a fortnight ago.

It had been scheduled to begin demolishing the toilets on Railway Terrace, to make way for a larger facility, at the start of this month.

At the Coorong council's meeting last week, chief executive officer Vincent Cammell said staff were yet to find out what the news would mean and what the council's rights were.

"We'll be looking at this as it progresses," he said.

"We shouldn't make assumptions until we know more.

"At this point in time we've only paid for work that has been completed: the detailed design."

It was likely the council would have to put out a new tender for the construction work, he said.

Mr Cammell and the council's other senior staff were unavailable to comment this week.

The project has been subject to public scrutiny due to its cost and a rumour, since debunked, that a nearby carob tree would have to be cut down.