Murray Bridge Library hosts Ngarrindjeri cultural day

Murray Bridge Library has hosted a Ngarrindjeri cultural day.

On April 24, children learned how to say a few words in the local Aboriginal language, play a didgeridoo and make flower feathers.

The Deadly Nannas sang lullabies and message songs in both English and Ngarrindjeri, Harley Hall played the didgeridoo, and Aunty Vicki Hartman and Aunty Lena Rigney read stories.

Library leader Tim Law said the event had been a collaboration with health service Moorundi and Ngarrindjeri elders.

"We are hoping events like this will help break down barriers, strengthen local language and cultural understanding in the community," he said.

Cultural community development officer Georgina Trevorrow said Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people celebrating together could make a better community.

"All cultural knowledge is beneficial to make a community work together and this can start with something as simple as coming along to learn some basic words," she said.

"It all starts with the little ones."