Letters to the editor, May 16: Thanks to locals whose advocacy led to domestic violence win

Annette Korzeba. Photo: File.
Annette Korzeba. Photo: File.

"Finally, a place to go for women" (May 9) outlines some long-awaited news for the Murray Bridge families who are experiencing the traumatic and profound disruption of domestic and family violence.

SA Human Services Minister Michelle Lensink announced several initiatives to help women and children fleeing violence.

They including staying safe in their own community by providing more crisis accommodation locally, keeping the family close to schooling families and other networks.

In the announcement she referred to the many information gathering consultations with services, victims and members of the community across SA.

I would like to focus on the part played by our community.

Since 2016, Soroptimist International Murray Bridge has annually hosted domestic violence awareness events in partnership with Centacare and the local domestic violence action group.

The 2018 Murray Bridge International Women's Day also touched on domestic violence and its profound impact on families.

I would like to thank all those who attended the events and forums, giving feedback on issues in Murray Bridge.

I would also like to thank Soroptimist International Murray Bridge for their continued support in hosting the events.

Lastly, I thank Mayor Brenton Lewis for his constant advocacy over the years on the issues surrounding domestic violence.

Thanks also go to Adrian Pederick MP for receiving our continued letters of concern and diligently following up with MP Carolyn Power and Ms Lensink.

On behalf of Soroptimist International Murray Bridge, I am proud to be part of the Murray Bridge community who has advocated for the changes!

Annette Korzeba, Soroptimist International Murray Bridge

Time for change in Barker

There is a mood for change, and rightly so, as there are important issues which the government Member for Barker Tony Pasin belongs to has poorly handled.

The Liberal Party has done a preference swap deal with Clive Palmer's United Australia Party.

Clive Palmer wants to tear up the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

If this was to occur, South Australian irrigators would be worse off.

During the last six years of Coalition government the cost of power has skyrocketed.

Mr Pasin is a member of a parliamentary group called the Monash Forum.

Its purpose is to promote coal mining and the building of coal-fired power stations.

His membership shows that he is oblivious to climate change and that he does not realise that renewables produce cheaper power than new coal-fired power stations.

The Coalition claims that they are better economic managers than Labor but the facts say otherwise.

Over the last six years, total government debt has more than doubled.

Verdict: it's time for a change.

Mark Jones, Mount Gambier