Murray Bridge Darts

MBDC ANZAC GRAND PRIX EVENT Heading for Darts results please

The Murray Bridge Darts Club held its annual Anzac Grand Prix event on 26th -28th April, with dart players from all over Australia, Friday night started with our Grand Prix Mystery Drawn Doubles, before the big event.

Winners: Mitchell Clegg & Curt Horvatek & Runners up: Riley Berry & Mal Cuming

Saturday morning played Youth Event Singles for boys & girls

Winner of the Youth Event for Girls- Abbey Morrison and Finalist Caitlyn Smyth,

Boys winner Dylan Salmon and finalist Ethan Machin.

(picture 1 - 5.81mb Kevin Young Caitlyn Smyth, Abbey Morrison & Darren Young)

(picture 2 - 5.96mb Kevin Young Ethan Machin, Dylan Salmon & Darren Young)

Saturday was the Doubles event for both Men & Ladies with 10 Ladies' pairs and 36 men's pairs competing.

Results from Men's Doubles event


Highest peg out - Steve Macarthur. - 170

(picture 3 - 6.56mb Kevin Young, Steve Macarthur & Darren Young)

Last locals

Darren Young/Adam Hughes.

Equal 5th

Mick Jackson/Peter Machin.

Mitch Clegg/Steve Macarthur.

Aaron Delvendiep/Dylan Mitchell.

Kevin Young/Mark Smyth.

Equal 3rd

Damien Rivett/Scott Hallett.

Justin Thompson/Chris Jarvis.


Aaron Morrison/Laurie Loch.


Mark Edwards/Mal Cuming.

(picture 5 - Aaron Morrison, Mark Edwards, Mal Cuming & Laurie Loch) Men's doubles

(picture 6 - 5.52mb - Men's & Ladies doubles winners Mal Cuming, Leanne Wilson, Tori Kewish & Mark Edwards )

Results from Ladies' Doubles event

Last Locals

Wendy Broadbent/Caitlyn Smyth.

Equal 5th

Sue Pritchard/Melita Ford.

Nancy Myers/Trudy Stokes.

Abbey Morrison/Jo Hadley.

Amanda Loch/Lyn Morrison.

Equal 3rd

Bek Heidke/Barb Smyth.

Fiona Gottwald/Brook Nisbet.


Lorraine Burn/Tanya Page.


Tori Kewish/Leanne Wilson.

(picture 4 - 6.01mb Kevin Young, Tori Kewish, Leanne Wilson & Darren Young) ladies doubles

Results from Sunday 28th Singles event Sunday saw 55 men and 17 Ladies competing in the singles event Peter Machin & Tori Kewish both triumphantly winning their 2nd Anzac event Singles title.

Murray Bridge Ladies Champion for 2019

Tori Kewish (VIC) (23.88) 3


Nancy Myers (QLD) (18.61) 0

Equal 3rd Jo Hadley & Barb Smyth

Equal 5th Leanne Wilson, Brook Nisbet, Lorraine Burn & Lyn Morrison.

Last locals Wendy Broadbent & Gemma Leonard.

Murray Bridge Men's Champion for 2019

Peter Machin SA (30.22) 4


Jeremy Fagg QLD ( 27.12) 3

Equal Aaron Morrison& Justin Thompson

Equal 5th Laurie Loch, Mal Cuming, John Kitchin & Ryan Lynch.

Equal 9th Mitchell Clegg, Hayden Cox, Curtis Horvatek, Mick Jackson, Chris Vasey, Ian Brown, Riley Berry & Tim Pusey.

Last locals Kevin Young, Paul Elphick & Scott Goold.

(picture 7 - 6.31mb Peter Machin & Tori Kewish)

Congratulations to all winners and finalists and players who competed in our

2019 Anzac Grand Prix tournament.