Life Through the Lens: Alignment can make the unclear clear

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

One night recently, about 11.30, I looked out of the toilet window.

"Well, that's interesting!"

There it was: the neighbours' roof.

Now, I don't know how many times I have seen my neighbours' roof.

Do you know how many times you have seen your neighbours' roof?

This night it was different; it had a shine to it, almost a glow.

Two things had aligned to change that normally very ordinary roof into something which caught attention: a full moon at the right angle and the fallen dew.

Life can be so much like my neighbours' roof in daylight just there, a roof, functional but boring, what I expect a roof to be.

When we open our eyes, our mind, our senses and emotions, that is when unexpected alignments can make life take on a glow, an unexpected wow, the gasped "I never expected that".

Some say there is no God.

We are told God is love, that love is at work, and becomes alive when people see each other the way he sees them: the hidden depth, the wow factor; the wrinkles of a face that still smiles; eyes that have seen so much, yet still look for more; bodies bent with pain that still move, and which see someone less fortunate and move to help.

This is when realignment happens and God says "wow, my love is working".

This week, let the god of love help you see alignment in your life.

Kevin Schrapel