River Murray Netball Association: Round seven May 18, 2019 photos, reports | 108 PHOTOS



Mannum started the game well with their team working well in the mid court and providing pressure.

Roo Amy Loechel working well, being the voice for the Mannum side and showing clear leadership working with her young goal attack.

Meningie clung on working to keep Mannum's lead to a minimum. Meningie's goal defence Lauren Jeffery, ran the ball out of defence well into the midcourt.

The Roos didn't back off, often only taking three or four passes to get the ball out of defence down to their goal circle making it difficult for Meningie.

Meningie's April Brown didn't stop running all game trying her best to shut those runs down.

The second half Mannum worked harder picking up their lead dramatically. Defence from the Roos was tight with Tracey Loechel making all the difference; what an incredible reach!

Meningie tried many combinations in the second half trying to find the best outcome, Rebecca Terwel went into goal keepers and did a wonderful job.

Mannum were just too good and are a force to be reckoned with.

The final score was Mannum 78 def Meningie 28.

Best players: Meningie - Lauren Jeffery, Stacey Peckover; Mannum - Tracey Loechel, Amy Loechel


Meningie opened the game with a strong mid court combination of experienced players with Annabelle Wright at centre, Shauna Chaplin at wing defence and Emily Munro at wing attack.

This combo provided Meningie with drive during the early part of the quarter and allowed the team to settle.

Mannum also bought Nicky Smith on at Winge Attack and she also provided leadership and voice to her younger team members.

At the end of the quarter, Meningie was up 17 goals to Mannum's 10 goals.

In the second quarter, Meningie kept their playing combination the same, where Mannum bought Nikayla Clark on at centre.

Meningie was able to add by 10 goals to finish the quarter with 27, while Mannum added another five goals bringing their half time score to 15.

After the half-time break, Bridget Richards swapped her team around utilising Meningie's depth to bring on fresh legs.

Charli Medlow took to court in centre, Imogen Allen moved into goal attack and Laura Brumfield moved into goal defnce.

The new playing combination took some time to settle and regain Meningie's momentum. Mannum brought Piper Wegener into goal attack and she provided much needed pace in the goals for Mannum.

At three-quarter-time Meningie held the lead at 40 goals to Mannum's 26.

Mannum changed pace in the fourth quarter with goal shooter Zara Male and goal attack Piper Wegener finding space, making Meningie's defenders, Laura Brumfield at goal defence, Meaghan Lewis at wind defence and Shayla Burns at goal keeper work hard.

Mannum shot 11 goals to Meningie's 10 in the final quarter, but it wasn't enough with Meningie running out winners 50 goals to Mannum's 37.

Best players: Piper Wegener, Zara Male, Georgia Whitehead, Annabelle Wright

15 and under

Under cool but sunny conditions, Mannum and Meningie took the court for the first time this season against each other, and both teams came out fighting.

Mannum won the toss and choose to take first centre pass scoring the first goal.

The defenders were strong for both teams with, Mannum, Elise Horstmann and Amy Dohnt, and Meningie, Meghan Lewis & Dallas Merry.

The pressure in the mid court from both sides was also strong and went goal for goal, and at quarter-time the score was Meningie 10 and Mannum nine.

No matter how far out Mannum Shooter Piper Wegener was from the goal ring her accurate shooting had Mannum two goals up at half time.

With a few changes from both sides coming into the 3rd quarter, Mannum impacting more across mid court, giving Meningie a good challenge. By the end of third quarter Meningie came back with only a two goal lead, both teams were still head to head.

By half way through the fourth quarter Mannum were four goals up.

Their defence was strong and the goals were accurate, but Meningie were not giving up with a goalie swap between Chelsea Swan and Imogen Allan for Meningie had Chelsea Swan pulling those balls right back under the ring.

Mannum 42 defeated Meningie 39.

Best players: Dallas Merry, Chelsea Swan, Piper Wegener and Elise Horstmann.

13 and under

Both teams came out firing chasing their first win.

Great play from both teams all over the court, it was goal for goal and a fantastic first quarter, Meningie 12 - Mannum 11.

Meningie's defenders goal defence Jasmine Cunneen and goal keeper Addison Mammone stepped up and applied great pressure to Mannum goalers goal attack Layshah Cook and goal shooter Taleah Bailey. Meningie were up over Mannum, 21-14.

The third quarter began with some strong play between Mannum's centre Narelle Griffiths and Meningie's centre Sierra Ridley, resulting in some great goals to both teams.

The Bears were up by 10 goals, Meningie 32 to Mannum 21.

In the final quarter Meningie's midcourt had some great play through centre Ella Swan.

Swan fed her goalers goal shooter Grace Gubbin and goal attack Addison Swan who worked around the goal circle strongly, shooting some amazing goals.

Mannum's wing attack Beth Reichstein fought hard to get the ball down the court.

Mannum fought hard but Meningie came out with a great win. Meningie finished on top by 11 goals, 41 to Mannum's 30.

Best players: Sascha Baker, Narelle Griffiths, Addison Swan andGrace Gubbin

11 and under division two

Meningie started the game with a few quick goals, leaving the first quarter even 2-2.

Meningie made one change at quarter time, bringing Katie Watson on into centre, to try and help their team get in front.

Mannum had a strong defence with Abigail Matakanace and Kara Booth. Mannum took the lead at the main break, Meningie three to Mannum five.

Half-time brought some changes to the Meningie's defence with Gabrielle Swan taking the goal keeper bib.

Mannum extended the lead at the third break, Meningie 6 to Mannum 12. In the last quarter Meningie goalers, Millie Cunneen and Ava Zimmerman were working well to score a few more goals, but Mannum proved to be the stronger team this time.

The final score Meningie 10 to Mannum 17.

Best players: Katie Watson,Gabrielle Swanm Abigail Matakanace and Isabelle Marland.


Meningie won the centre pass and as play started the defence of Watkins (goal keeper) and M Harvey (goal defence) applied lots of pressure to Mannum.

The game went back and forth for the quarter with no score from either team. Z Turner (goal attack) scored the first goal for the game and she worked hard all game.

Mannum's Cooke also scored leaving the score one each at half-time.

The third quarter saw Meningie attach hard at the ball and goal shooter Mannum's M Harris and goal attack S Giles were working well.

Meningie's C Watkins at goal attack worked hard and chased the loose balls all game.

This, combined with great shooting by M Swan at goal shooter, saw Meningie become overall winners 6-2.

Best players: Shila Giles, Stephanie Cooke, Charlie Watkins and Mya Swan.



Jervois started well, taking Tailem's first two balls. Strong hands from Jervois' Courtney Afford and Charly Heym created some excellent goals. Jervois Taitlyn Rothe is working hard in WA and providing excellent opportunities. Tailem made some errors and at the first break, Jervois led 16-10.

In the second term, Tailem's Georgia Exton was working hard in WA. Jervois remained strong at the ring and Heym provided plenty of options. Tailem picked up a few lose balls but at half-time, Jervois led 30-29.

Tailem worked really hard in the third qurater, with Melissa Edwards' excellent shooting. Jervois started with strength, but Tailem have capitalised on Jervois errors and its 47-43 Tailem way

Tailem capitalised on Jervois's mid court. Tailem's Emily Edwards is getting out a fast centre pass every time. Jervois's Charly Heym has come off with an injury but Tailem remained strong, winning the game 60-55.

Best players: Jervois - Courtney Afford, Taitlyn Rothe; Tailem - Melissa Edwards, Georgia Exton.


Tailem had the first centre pass and scored, even with defensive pressure from Jervois' Jennifer Nesbitt. Jervois had plenty of possessions but took numerous attempts to score with their first goal through Melissa Gates. Both teams were frantically trying to gain an edge. Tailem's attack used the circle well despite Jervois defenders getting many fingers to the ball, finishing the quarter up, 13-4.

Tailem again began with the first centre pass but the Jervois defenders chased down a rare missed goal and they were able to convert some good court play with the first goal for the quarter. Again the play flowed up and down the court with neither team able to find a rhythm. Tailem were able to capitalise on numerous Jervois errors giving them a nice, steady run of goals. Tailem went into the half time break leading 25 - 11.

Jervois went into the third making many positional changes. Tailem opened the quarter strongly scoring the first six goals before Jervois got on the board through GA, Alys Bockman. Jervois made many unforced errors, with plenty of possession. Tailem continued to capitalise on this poor play, scoring with a high rate of accuracy. At three quarter time Tailem had taken a commanding lead, 40 - 14.

Going into the last quarter Jervois again made many positional changes trying to find the right combination. They opened the scoring for the quarter for the second time all game. Tailem were again the more settled team offensively, running the ball nicely down the middle of the court. They used the circle well and to their advantage, continuing to convert at a high rate. Jervois defenders worked tirelessly all day with the ball coming their way many times. Tailem finished the game strongly beating Jervois. Final score: Tailem Bend 59, Jervois 21.

Best players: Jervois - Jennifer Nesbitt, Hannah Cercone; Tailem - Molly Maddaford, Ashlee Zadow.


Tailem Bend took the first centre pass and scored quickly. Jervois were just as quick with a return goal. Both sides were keen for a win, Tailem Bend defending every pass with Jervois sticking tight to their players. The first quarter started off goal-for goa- but soon Tailem gained momentum and took off to get a few goals in a row. Tailem Bend goalers Zoe Reynolds and Jade Capes worked well in the ring together. At quarter time Tailem led, 15-8.

Jervois came out fighting in the second quarter with a change in their defence. Tailem did not make a change. Tailem Bend were able to grab any ball that dropped to the ground, throwing it to their goalers and scoring. Jervois were keen to stay in the game and defended every ball near them. Tailem were too quick for Jervois and by half-time the Eagles led, 39-13.

The third quarter saw Jervois change up their defence and Tailem Bend kept an unchanged side. Jervois' Jess Hoad worked the centre of the ground well, passing and defending every ball. Jervois', WA, Aislinn Drury was able to jump and intercept passes which helped Jervois with some goals. There weren't many goals from Jervois but they were determined to keep playing their game. Jervois made sure Tailem were still fighting for every ball but Tailem led, 59-17.

Jervois came out in the last quarter changing things up to see if they can have one last crack. Tailem kept an unchanged side allowing their goalers to continue shooting well. Both sides took advantage of the loose balls and both sides still had to fight hard for the ball. Tailem won, 79-25.

Best players: Jervois - Coralie Batchelor, Jess Hoad. Tailem - Zoe Reynolds, Amanda Densley.


The first goal went to Jervois and after that both teams kept scores even with both teams shooting accurately. At the end of the first term, Tailem led 9-7.

It was a great start to second quarter for both teams with all players playing well in their positions. Jervois picked up there goals with the majority of attempts resulting in goals. Tailem's defence tried hard to stop the goals but Jervois where to strong in the quarter. Tailem led 17-16.

The third quarter started well with Jervois keeping the scores even. Tailem then found momentum again and scored a succession of goals leading Jervois at the end of the quarter by five, 25-20.

In the last termr both teams fought hard for each centre pass. Jervois applied pressure to Tailem Bend but was too late as Tailem came back fighting. Both teams scored eight goals in the final quarter, making the final margin five goals. Tailem Bend won, 33-28.

Best players: Jervois - Kerry Waldhuter, Rachel Keller. Tailem - Jarika Kropinyeri, Gayle Juergens.


Meagan Trembath threw from centre to start the game for Jervois and it was turned over seconds later. Kristy Oats for Tailem Bend, scored the first goal of the game. Tailem started strong with three more goals before Makayla Parker scored the first goal for Jervois. The score at the end of the first quarter was Tailem Bend 12 to Jervois 5.

In the second quarter Jervois increased their pressure in defence with Brianna Willis doing a great job as goal keeper slowing down Tailem Bend's scoring, despite some efficient shooting from Tailem Bend's Gloria Ebsworth and Kristy Oats. Tailem Bend continued to increase their lead finishing the second quarter well in front of Jervois. Tailem Bend 22, Jervois 8. In the third term, Tailem Bend scored from the first centre throw due to some excellent passes. Jervois continued to work really hard in defence and attack with some great work from Madelaine Manser and Meagan Trembath around the court, however Jervois were unable to make an impact on the score board. The gap widened to 36-12 at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter, Jervois continued to fight hard and managed to slow Tailem Bend down temporarily. However, Tailem Bend still dominated with Melissa Miller showing great skill in WA. Courtney Bouzikas also had a productive game for Tailem Bend in goal defence. Tailem Bend continued to dominate the game and were just too strong on the day, defeating Jervois 49-18.

Best players: Jervois - Madelaine Manser, Meagan Trembath; Tailem - Melissa Miller, Kristy Oats.

15U DIV 2

Tailem had the first pass and the first goal. Jervois used the court well and come back with rebounds and good pressure. Rebecca Williss, Jervois shot well and provided great defence. Adela Chewings in centre covered the court well. Jervois led, 9-7. Jervois got the first goal of the second quarter. Tailem were fighting back but the game turned around and Jervois were holding their own with great vision from Jonayla Rushe and great pressure from Bella. Jervois led, 21-14 at half-time. Tailem had strong players with great shooting and passing throughout the team. Staceylee Smith was providing great options while for Jervois, Madison Jaensch was good in shooter. Both teams were playing well and Tailem's Makaylah Ryman was shooting great goals. Jervois pushed through the quarter to end 10 up, 31-21. Jervois came on strong in the last quarter, but Tailem continued to play a defensive game. Jervois' passing has been consistently good and the Bluds run out winners 46-30.

Best players: Jervois-Madison Jaensch, Rebecca Williss. Tailem- Staceylee Smith, Emmalee Ryman.

13U DIV 1

Both teams had a strong start, going goal-for-goal. There were many turnovers all over the court, keeping the midcourters for both teams on their feet. The scores were even at 6 all at the first break. Tailem changed their team and centre Sophie Edwards provided great drive for her team. Jervois shooters Kyla Jarvis and Kaitlyn Jaensch worked well in the ring together.

Tailem pushed in front at half time, 17-14. Both teams had changes going into the last half, and Tailem took advantage of the unsettled Jervois side. Tailem shooters Chloe Small and Casey McDonald rarely missed. After struggling to score for most of the last half, Jervois had a late run of goals, but it was not enough to get over the quick Tailem girls. Tailem won, 39-23.

Best players: Jervois-Jorja Jones, Kaitlyn Jaensch. Tailem- Chloe Pitt, Chloe Small.

13U DIV 2

Jervois started the game strong, quickly turning over the first centre pass and scoring. Tailem began to settle, levelling the score. Tailem's Stephanie Gower and Mia Vivian moved well and to create many goal opportunities. Jervois goalers had to work hard, but were more accurate to take the lead 4-3. Tailem came out stronger in the second quarter, taking many intercepts in their defensive end. Jervois' Bailee Purvis lead for every ball, while Talilem's Jazzlyn Richardson intercepted excellently.

Tailem took the lead 8-6. Tailem continued their quick game, while Jervois struggled to convert. Tailem's defensive pressure helped them extend their lead, as Jervois struggled to score. Tailem Bend claimed victory, 22 to Jervois 9.

Best players: Jervois - Bailee Purvis, Emily Bell. Tailem - Jazzlyn Richardson, Ella Wilson.

11U DIV 1

Jervois started the game well scoring quickly with Ellie Tabe shooting well. Tailem responded through Fallon Small. The ball moved from end to end with Hallie Sumner battling well against Nellie Kowald and Jervois Grace Carey battling against Tailem Bend Thalia Kleinig throughout the game.

The Tailem layers passed well to have several scoring opportunities but narrowly missed. Halle Jarvis scored a good goal after good passing from Hallie Sumner. Monikue Harvey had a good game for Jervois in defence. Both teams played well with Jervois ending up with a win, 24-10.

Best players: Jervois - Grace Carey, Alesha Dawe. Tailem - Fallon Small, Abbi Roach.


Jervois acted quickly to turn over Tailem's first centre pass resulting in a goal. Jervois attackers Isabella Doutre and Avah Theile kept the ball down the Bluds goal end, but tough defense from Tailem's Georgia Nagel and Aayliah Clark kept the Bluds score to a minimum. Jervois led, 1-0.

It was a tough battle in the second quarter and Tailem scored two goals, but Jervois couldn't quite get there.

Tailem's defence came out strong in the third quarter with Piper Clark and Ashlyn Klienig keeping pressure on the Bluds and ensuring no goals were scored for the quarter.

Molly Mason played a consistent four quarters for Jervois making good use of space and chasing any loose balls in the fourth quarter. Tailem's WD defended and attacked well in the mid court. A close game with Tailem winning, 2-1.

Best players: Jervois - Tiana Hartwig, Lucy Mason; Tailem - Aayliah Clark, Ashlyn Klienig.


A grade

In a highly anticipated top-of-the-table clash Imperials converted quickly from the first centre pass.

However, Mypolonga responded quickly through a Georgia Steinert defection that was picked by Mypolonga's Stacey Kempe and converted via a long shot from Mypolonga goal shooter Brooke Watson.

Imperial centre Olivia Bolt intercepted a ball quickly but Imperials struggled to capitalise in the early minutes of the game.

There was incredible pressure by both teams in all areas of the court leading to several held balls and passing errors.

Both teams traded intercepts, notably by Imperial Harkness and Mypolonga's Manly.

The large crowd were enjoying the high standard of play. Imperials took a four-goal lead into quarter-time Mypolonga 10, Imperials 14.

Early in the second, deflections by the Mypolonga defenders saw a closing of the gap, but Imperials soon were gaining possession of anything that was loose or not given strongly and quickly.

Imperial shooters Casey Gregory and Teagan Lang converted nearly all opportunities which led to Imperials building their lead.

Imperials WA Laura Berling and Mypolonga's WD Ashleigh Horsnell were having a great battle in the midcourt as were Mypolonga's GS Brooke Watson and Imperial Crystal Berling in the circle.

Imperials extended their lead over the quarter to be 10 goals up, Mypolonga 22 Imperials 32.

Both teams made changes at half time Jenna Daniels came off the bench to GS for Imperials and she had an immediate impact. Emma Kluske came on for Mypolonga in WA and gave fresh legs to the mid court with Gepp moving to centre and Kempe off due to illness.

Imperial Bolt got her hands to anything loose and Imperials full court pressure led to several Mypolonga held balls.

This quarter definitely went to Imperials while Mypo struggled a little with confidence and settling in their changes. However, the quality in the game continued and Imperials certainly didn't have it all their own way. Mypo 28 Imperials 52

Mypolonga went into the last term determined to achieve their own goal which was to win the quarter. Horsnell moved to centre and continued to run hard and contest.

Imperials too made changes with Gregory coming off, and Teagan Lang returning to the goal circle after a quarter in defence. Lucy Harkness returned to the Imperials defence circle. Mypolonga certainly lifted and were determined to show Imperials that they could match it with them.

Late in the quarter Bolt came off and youngster Madison Fielke came on to the court to experience more of the intensity of the A grade competition.

The teams drew the quarter but Imperials ran out 24-goal winners 63 to Mypolonga 39

Best players: Mypolonga - Brooke Watson Ashleigh Horsnell; Imperials - Lucy Harkness Teagan Lang.

A reserve

Tigers had a strong start with great defensive pressure all over the court, scoring the first si goals. Kate Nolan and Jo boots made it really difficult for Imperial goalers to convert.

Mypo's Gemma Schilling and Sarah Duell fed well to Mypo goalers and Mypo took a seven-goal lead at quarter time, 13-6.

Mypo continued their pressure in the second half, which saw a great contest between Mypo's Alana Reed and Imperial Maddie Fielke.

Lauren Nolan's height made it difficult for Steph Hagger and Leah Williams to rebound Mypo's inconsistent shooting. At half-time Mypo lead 24-11.

Both teams made changes in the third quarter. Mypo continued their pressure down the court and increased their lead to be up by 18 at three-quarter-time.

It was an even last quarter with Mypo winning the game 36-18.

Best players: Kate Nolan, Jo Boots and Leah Williams

B grade

The first quarter saw both teams playing strong defensively making each of the attacking ends work hard to get the ball to their respective goalers. Scores were level at the first quarter break.

THe second quarter saw Imps move Michalik back into goal keeper where her strength is in reading the quick low passes into and with in the goal circle creating turn overs, which allowed Imps to slowly increase their lead at half-time by three.

Mypo showed good core passages of play with some accurate shooting from their goalers.

However Imps turned over Mypo's mistakes to gain a bit more of an edge at the end of the third quarter leading by six at the last break.

Howson, Longstaffe and Holmes for Mypo were providing good pressure on Taylor, Fiegert and DeMichele making the Blues work hard for the pass and the goals.

Mypo maked several changes and Imps more settled in the last quarter saw Imps victorious on the day.

Imperials won, 41-28.

Best players: Mypolonga - Crystal Kluske and Lauren Howson; Imperials - Belinda Michalik and Abbey Fiegert.

B reserve

A rematch of last year's grand final saw two strong teams go head to head.

Imperials won the toss to start the game off however, Mypolonga defenders worked hard to keep the ball out of Imperials hands. An even playing field saw the ball go up and down the court.

Mypolonga took the lead and the first quarter ended 7-4 Mypolonga's way.

Slight changes from both teams saw the second quarter start off fiery. Mypolonga keeping ahead with their accurate shooting.

The half-time scores were 16-11, Mypolonga's way.

Imperials bought on fresh legs and started strong however, Mypolonga worked as a team well to stop Imperials from gaining the lead.

Three-quarter-time saw Mypolonga keep the lead with 24 to 20.

Both teams fought hard and played well until the final whistle but Mypolonga were the better team on the day. The final score was 34 to 27, Mypolonga's way.

17 and under

Imps started the game with the first centre pass and completed this with a goal. Imps came out very strong getting the next turnover and scoring again.

Mypo stepped up their intensity down the court and made more turnovers throughout the quarter, bringing the ball down steadily through attack and feeding well into the goalers.

Imps defenders were hot on the rebounds and collected the missed shots, with their midcourt bringing it down to their goalers. The quarter time score was 10-12, Imps way.

During the second quarter Mypo had lots of the play. Both teams made many passing errors and had a hard time converting turnovers to goals. At the end of the quarter both teams lifted the intensity and made it 22-all at half time.

Mypo started the third quarter strong with the first goal. Imps equalled this attacking the ball well. Mypo putting high pressure on Imps attackers down the court caused lots of turnovers ending the third quarter 31 - 29 Mypo way.

Mypo came out strong in the last quarter turning over the first pass and scoring the first two goals. Both teams lifted their intensity but Mypo came away with the win 41-38.

Best players: Mypo -Tahlia Hunter-Glasser and Kara Reed; Imps - Holly Temby and Sophie Reu.

13U DIV 2

Conditions were perfect for this game of netball between the two powerhouse clubs of the 13 and under division two competition and Imperials won the toss electing to pass with captain Rhea Kempe electing to go to the hangman tree end.

The first quarter was a very fast paced term of netball with both sides able to convert efficiently when they entered the goal circle and after going goal for goal Imperials went into the first break with the smallest of margins, six goals to five.

Both sides made minimal changes to their line up for the second term and it was once again very tight in the clinches; however, scoring was more prolific during the second quarter but this time Mypolonga was able to claw their way into the lead getting in front by just the singular goal with the halftime score being Mypolonga 15 to Imperials 14.

Going into the second half both sides were looking to gain the ascendency and establish themselves in front. The lead changed numerous times during this quarter with both sides having runs of good and bad play but it was Mypolonga once again just in front 22 to 21 going into the last quarter.

The last quarter saw Mypolonga flex their muscles and through some excellent ball movement from defence through to their effective shooters in offence helping them to outscore Imperials 14 to six goals during this quarter with the final score being Mypolonga 36 to Imperials 27.

15U DIV 2

The game began with a centre pass from Mypolonga, which soon became a goal. With a few turn overs from Mypo's defence line Peyton Allen, Larissa Pike and Kayla Elphick, they were able to work as a team and turn them into goals. With great team work and accuracy Mypo led at half time 23-5.

Coming into the second half of the game Imperials changed their game play to suit the game, bringing on Chyanne Crawford into C to match Jacinta Fritchley from Mypo. Imps attackers Crawford, and Aileen Rigney worked hard to bring the ball down to the goal ring and fed exceptionally well to the goalies.

As the last quarter began, scores were at 35-8 and both teams had a bit of a change. Mypolonga's goalies Katie Hutchinson and Hannah Schutz we're almost 100% accurate throughout the game, even with the tough competition from Sarah Rigney and Jessica Venning and it showed with the final scores 42-10 Mypo.

Best players: Mypo - Peyton Allen, Jacinta Fritchley; Imperials - Chyanne Crawford, Ella Carter.

13U DIV 1

Imperials had the first centre pass and play went backwards and forwards through centre court, with both teams taking a while to settle. After some good defensive play from both teams Makayla Stimpson intercepted the ball and Bella Pike scored the first goal of the game for Mypolonga. Georgia Martin and Baylee Cooper were putting lots of pressure on Imperials shooters, Ella McNicol and Caitlin Michalik making scoring hard. At the end of the first quarter Mypo were ahead 6-1.

Both teams made some changes at quarter-time. Abby Harrowfield and Millie Daniel were working hard to make space and drive the ball forward into attack for Imperials but the Mypo defence were too strong. Mypo increasing their lead 16 to 4 at half time.

The third quarter saw Mypo extend their lead even further with accurate shooting and good rebounding from their goalies.

Imperials mid court players had some good intercepts but were finding it hard to get the ball into their shooters. Mypo produced another good quarter leading at three quarter time 26 to Imperials 6.

In the last quarter Ava Lindner came back into goals with Bella Pike for Mypo.

The goalers moved well around the ring and increased the lead even further. Ella O'Brien continued to work hard in defence for Imperials as she had all game and Imperials centre court players created some turnovers.

Mypolonga were too strong and ran out winners Imperials 8 to Mypolonga 40.

11U DIV 1

In perfect conditions Mypo came out firing scoring the first three goals through Demi Harrington.

Centres Breanna Kuchel and Zoe Michalik showed strength as they worked hard to fight for the ball for their teams.

Mypo continued to pass well through the mid court with Ava Schubert offering some excellent leads. Lara Franke worked tirelessly in defence turning the ball over for her team but Mypolonga continued to move the ball cleanly down the court to add another eight goals to their score.

A few changes in the third qtr saw Yasmin Harrowfield brought into C and combined with Amelia DeMichele added some pace and sharp passes through the mid court and Imperial were able to add five goals to their score but the height and accurate shooting of Reagan Martin saw Mypo's lead increase to 19 goals.

Impressive defence by Camryn Brehaut allowed Mypo to continue to move the ball well but to Imperials' credit they did not give up and tried hard until the whistle blew.

The final score was Mypo 45 to Imperials 16.

Best players: Imperial - Amelia DeMichele and Lara Franke; Mypolonga - Camryn Brehaut and Reagan Martin.