Mannum Community College STEM facilities officially opened

Mannum Community College's $3.9 million STEM building, CAD lab and senior school upgrade has been officially opened by state MP Adrian Pederick.

Several school buildings were retrofitted to incorporate the new science, technology, engineering and mathematics facilities, which have been in use since the beginning of the year.

They include flexible learning and making spaces, multimedia zones, break-out areas, science laboratories and a computer-aided design lab adjoining the tech workshop, all with soundproof glass walls that allow teachers to monitor their students without different groups disturbing one another.

The spaces were intended to aid students' learning and creativity and prepare them for jobs in the global knowledge economy, principal Kylie Eggers said.

At an assembly on Tuesday, she introduced the upgrades with a riddle: why did the scientist take out her doorbell?

So she could win the no-bell prize.

"Some of you might be inspired from these STEM facilities to go on to a career in science, and maybe a Nobel prize," she said.

The state government contributed $3.5 million towards the cost of the upgrades.

Next on the school's wish list is a hall or performing arts centre.