Life Through the Lens: God can clean the grimy old barbecue of the soul

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

There it stood in all its black and greasy glory: the icon of Aussie socialising, the barbecue.

Friends were coming tonight.

The pressure was now on.

The bush mantra "old grease helps with the taste" would be no excuse for doing nothing.

Restoring the gloss and shine would take effort, and did.

Admiring my handiwork, I thought, "that is now clean".

What about the filth, the dross, the greasy stuff which slowly, often unexpectedly, over time, builds up in our lives: stuff which can settle and turn a life meant to be bright and shiny into one which becomes dull, listless, silently pushed into a back corner, hoping to be ignored for fear of judgement and being declared useless and unworthy; the unfulfilled dream that causes self-doubt; a cutting word; a forgotten, unnoticed act of kindness; that friendship no longer recognised - all life-dulling stuff.

But what of the grease of my guilt from when I lost my temper, harsh words spat out; the post I should have let fly past, but grabbed onto and let tarnish another corner of my life?

So many words and actions can cling on, build up and spoil.

The barbecue needed someone with the tools and the desire to clean.

The loving God has the tools and the desire to make lives sparkling again, no matter how thick the grime, or how long it has been plastered on.

Talk to him about having a shiny, or even shinier, life.

"Create in me a new, clean heart, please, God, filled with clean thought and right desires," says Psalm 51:10.