Salem, Uniting hold on for wins

The Combined Churches Indoor Bowls premiership season continued on Friday night.

Salem Lutheran defeated Mypolonga Fellowship 6-103 to 6-94 in a close match with many of the games being won by margins of one or two shots.

Two-game winners for Salem Lutheran were Alan McNichol and Roger Farley and Peter Jaensch and Lyndon Farley.

McNichol and Farley defeated Jasamine Irvine and Ben Traeger in the first game 8-6 before defeating Doris Klenke and Greg Traeger in the second game 15-5.

They scored multiple shots while limiting their opponents scoring. This was the biggest winning margin of the night.

Jaensch and Farley defeated Chris and Daniel Irvine 9 -8 even though there was a chance with the last bowl for the result to go the other way.

In the second game they defeated David Baker and Bonita Monjean 12-6 after scoring four shots early and then maintaining their lead.

Two-game winners for Mypolonga Fellowship were Karin Stokes and Janelle Traeger.

Stokes and Traeger defeated Charlotte and David Klemm in the first game 10-8 before having a similar game against Caitlyn Armstrong and Katrina Klemm winning 8-6.


In the other match Murray Bridge Uniting defeated Monarto Lutheran 10-135 to 2-91.

Two-game winners for Murray Bridge Uniting were the pairs of Leo Mach and Aiden Rawlins, Dawn Hoffman and Colin Rawlins, Robyn Bensch and Lyn Hedger and Merle Rawlins and Rodney Milich.

Mach and Rawlins defeated Penne Lewis-Brown and Keith Paech in the first game 15-2, before a closer game in the second round against Anna and Wayne Day which they won 13-9.

Hoffman and Rawlins defeated Jordyn Day and Ian Pumpa 12-5 before another victory in the second game against Heather Day and David Clark 16-4, where they finished off the game with multiple scores to increase their lead.

Bensch and Hedger defeated the same pairs - against Day and Clark, they won 16-5 before having a tighter game against Day and Pumpa 9-7.

Rawlins and Milich defeated Eleanor and Roger Waldhutter in the first game 12-4. In the second game they defeated Robert Day 11-7.

The biggest winning margin of the night was in the first game where Monarto's Robert Day defeated Olivia Doutre and Barry Hoffman 23-3.

Next week the teams continue round two of the competition.