Be still and feel how a butterfly lands

It came from the back garden: The giggle from a small granddaughter that makes a grandfather think, "What is she up to?"

Stepping from the shed, I was greeted with an out of breath, "Grandpa look! A butterfly! I'm going to catch it!"

She continued her hunt: I went back to the workshop.

Sometime later the giggling had stopped: then came a hushed, and amazed,

"Grandpa! look!" There she sat; eyes filled with joy and wonder, while on her arm, its wings slowly lifting and falling rested the butterfly.

"You caught him!", I quietly commented.

With eyes as big as hub caps she whispered, I got tired and sat down. He sat on my arm.

Look at him!" As she moved her arm towards me the butterfly with a flap was gone, but the wonder in her eyes stayed.

As I watched those young eyes filled with joy, still focused on the butterfly weaving its way through the flowers, I remembered words from God when He said, "Be still and know that I am God."

How often do we imagine "If 'that' was part of my life I would be happy."

We become obsessed with chasing after 'that', in the hopes 'it' will bring joy, peace, contentment: forgetting that God in love continually says, "Stop! Relax! I love you! I know what you need for a life of joy.

Be still and let me gently place it into your life.

Trust me. I want you to feel the gentle touch of joy and wonder in your life."

With a prayer that you feel a butterfly land.

Kevin Schrapel