Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge's 'fake turf' should be replaced with native ground cover, Councillor Andrew Baltensperger argues | POLL

Replacing the synthetic turf along Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge with a native ground cover remains an option for the local council, despite a "significant" estimated cost.

At their meeting last month, the city's councillors voted in favour of finding out more about the options available.

Council staff had estimated it would cost about $210,000 to remove the 102 tonnes of astroturf between Maurice and Swanport Roads and dispose of it at the Brinkley landfill.

Trucking in earth, planting and mulching new seedlings would be another $350,000 or more, they estimated, once the cost of managing traffic and checking underground power lines was included.

If irrigation were needed, that would be another $400,000; and maintenance would then cost an extra $77,000 per year.

But Cr Andrew Baltensperger, who floated the idea of replacing the turf in January, argued that the cost of the "high impact" project should rightfully be lower.

The turf could be donated to any members of the public who wanted it, he suggested.

Irrigation might not be needed either, he said, if a native ground cover such as creeping boobialla were planted along the road.

"I'm convinced this concept will float," he said.

"The time spent vacuuming or cleaning the artificial turf could be spent watering and maintaining hardy, natural alternatives."

Cr Wayne Thorley said he did not know of anyone who looked favourably on the fake turf.

Cr Karen Eckermann suggested it might be cheaper to replace it piece by piece, as it wore out, over the next 10 years; while Cr Tyson Matthews had the idea of planting a small section as a test plot, to see how much it would cost to maintain.

Council staff will prepare a more detailed report on the proposal and bring it back to councillors for their consideration.