Life Through the Lens: Little red lights hold a great big power

Image: Kevin Schrapel.

Image: Kevin Schrapel.

Belching black smoke, the multi-wheeled semi came over the rise then, with a hiss of its air brakes, came to a gentle stop.


A little green light on a pole had turned red.

The mechanical monster could have ploughed on, smashed the red light to oblivion and kept on going.

Why did it stop?

Was it the strength of the red light?

Of course not.

The truck became a gentle giant because the driver recognised the power behind the light: a power created years ago by men of authority, men who, in a different place far away, wrote down some words declaring something like, "when using a road, for the good of all, all will stop for a red light".

It was neither the red light nor the words written down, but the authority behind the words that caused the driver to stop.

Worldwide, every day, millions of people accept the authority behind words written long ago and now put together into a book called the Bible, words they accept as coming with the authority of a living being, a loving God who says:

"I give these words to all, for the good of all."

"Love and trust me above all else."

"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

"If you've messed up, trust the forgiving love of my son Jesus."

"Talk to me about your life."

"Believe that in love, I want your life to be full of joy."

"Trust me with your life."

Enjoy this week.