Meningie Area School redevelopment nears completion

Meningie Area School's students have begun moving into their new classrooms as a $5.75 million redevelopment of the site nears completion.

The school's new junior, middle and senior classrooms are now all but operational, with only landscaping and other relatively minor works yet to be finished.

Principal Iain Love and deputy Mal Jurgs hope the last construction fences will be taken away by the end of the term, but said the works had already made a huge difference to both students and the wider community.

An official opening will be held later in the year.

By comparison to the old transportables, the new rooms are bright and airy, an environment in which Mr Love said it would be easier for students to reach their potential.

"A lot of community members went to school here, and some of the parents remember the old buildings coming in (40 years ago)," he said.

"It has been a considerable stress for students and teachers, who have essentially been on a building site for the last two years.

"But it is a credit to them that they were able to keep things going."

Mr Jurgs also credited the architects, Troppo, for building designs which would maximise winter sunlight and minimise the effects of the wind which whistled off the lake.

Mr Love hoped the school would someday secure funding for a second stage of upgrades: a community hub which would house the school office, the town's library and perhaps a consulting room or two able to be used by visiting service providers.

The school's home economics, tech and art rooms will remain.