The gains, the pains: SA Budget 2019

Governments are quick to highlight the wins for their constituents, but budgets are meant to be balanced so there will be some hurt in the hip pocket as well in the latest South Australian Budget.



Buying a home will be made easier for low income earners as the South Australian Government announces a $104.5 million housing package which is also tailored to help stimulate the housing and construction industries.

The package will include an interest-free deposit gap loan up to $10,000 which will be make available from September 1.

The SA Housing Authority will be overseeing a construction program to build about 90 homes over the next two years at a cost of more than $21m.


The Country Fire Service will be given funding to retrofit 50 trucks which are in service with another 37 new trucks to be acquired.

There is also funding for the construction of new CFS stations at Tarlee, Tailem Bend, Mount Burr and Maitland.

The State Emergency Service will receive $1m over the next four years for capital upgrades.


An Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery will be built, at a cost of $150m, as a national centre for Aboriginal art and culture with funding from the state and federal governments.

Sports infrastructure will get a boost of $500,000 over two years as a State Sports and Recreation Infrastructure Plan is developed.

The Granite Island Causeway will be refurbished at a cost of $20m over two yeas and the Monarto Zoo will receive $4.6m from the Regional Growth Fund to go towards a new visitor centre.


The government will look to begin phase one of the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin initiative which is designed to get the Coorong on the right path for a healthy future.

South Australia's Waste Strategy 2020-2025 will be released and the government also wants to develop the state's first food waste strategy.

Another project to be targeted is the development of strategies such as plastic-free retail precincts and progress the phasing out of unnecessary single-use plastic products.


Implementation of the new designated area migration agreements for the regions will be enacted with the government wanting to reach at least 3000 skilled migration nominations and at least 600 business migration nominations.


There will be a 5 per cent increase in fees and charges such as car registrations, public transport costs and low range speeding fines.

People who are caught speeding at an excessive rate will be subject to fines which will be raised by up to $900.

Fees for certificates of births, deaths and marriages will increase by 10pc

Occupational licences for people such as builders, plumbers and other trades will also increase by 10pc

$5 million saving per annum through operational efficiences in PIRSA

Hospital car parking fees will increase substantially

Water and sewerage rates will be capped at 1.3pc which will mean an average increase of about $16

A land tax surcharge will be placed on specific trusts and payroll tax compliance will generate extra income for the government

About 1588 public servants are set to be made redundant over the next year