Life Through the Lens: The first step is the hardest

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

You walk through the sliding doors at Woollies.

You know where you are going: up the steps and over the road to Mitre 10, no trouble.

But ... what if you get to that first step and you can't put your foot on it?

You don't trust it.

You may be new in town, may never have used these steps; or you may have used them once but slipped, and now you are not sure.

Will you take that first step?

Others trust the steps.

Why shouldn't you?

People have told me, "I want to trust God, I want the peace followers of Jesus have told me about, but how do I get that peace?"

I guess it is having the courage to take that first step, and it will not be the same for everyone.

It might mean talking to a person you know is a follower of Jesus and whom you trust to give you honest answers and advice.

God, in love, has made the Bible available so we can learn about him.

Get hold of a Bible written in modern language; digging into it from the gospel of John is a good idea.

Take time out to quietly talk to God about your wanting to believe and trust him, either aloud or quietly, in your mind.

He knows your thoughts, but you may have to be still to learn his.

Remember, God wants you to have a life with his love in it.

Check in the Bible, 1 Timothy 2:4-7.

And remember to keep moving forward.

God bless.