Murray Bridge North Primary School's class of 1971 reunites at Swanport Hotel

On Saturday, June 8, the year 7 class of 1971 from Murray Bridge North Primary School had a reunion at the Swanport Hotel.

Twenty-five past scholars made the trip to Murray Bridge to reminisce about their time in year 7.

Graham Palm lit a candle and there was a minute's silence to remember those who had passed away.

Dudley Carter cut a cake donated by McCue's Bakery to mark the occasion of 48 years since being in year 7.

There were many stories shared about operettas, dance lessons and sporting achievements.

Jennette Mickan entertained the group by singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables.

After celebrations at the Swanport Hotel, a few past scholars made their way to the north school, where they had a tour of the current facilities.

There was much debate over where actual classrooms existed as there had been numerous renovations of the buildings since they were there as students.

The old scholars plan to return in two years' time for their 50-year reunion.