Life Through the Lens: Is it a fence or a frame?

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

When these bushes on Bridge Street were young, how often did you look at the frame around them and think, "is it a fence or a training frame?"

Many think the Bible is full of laws and fences, made up by a God who is a spoil-sport, a killjoy.

Maybe they don't understand who God is and what he is about.

Imagine what would happen if the bougainvillea was allowed to just grow and drape all over the footpath and hurt people with its spikes until, finally, the council ripped it out.

Because they grow within the frame, they are cared for, watered, fertilised and given a bit of pruning when needed.

The result is a plant which flowers and gives joy, a place where birds can hide, nest and shelter.

If you can accept that the God of the Bible actually loves you, then what you thought were laws become training frames for a life where caring, encouraging and supporting each other becomes a normal part of God's plan for people to live in community, peace and harmony.

Jesus gave an interesting answer when a bloke asked him which command from God was most important (in Matthew, chapter 22, verse 37).

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind: this is the first and greatest commandment," Jesus said.

"The second most important is similar: love your neighbour as much as you love yourself."

Live with God's love as your training frame and who knows how your love might grow.

God bless.