New police division to target cybercrime, financial fraud

Many South Australians have been the target of cybercrime and financial fraud, costing them money they can ill-afford to lose.

With the number of those crimes rising, South Australian Police has restructured part of its organisation to investigate and deal with the criminals who commit such acts.

The new Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch has 90 staff which features specialists such as forensic accountants, digital analysts and investigators.

Assistant Police Commissioner Scott Duval said the new division would deal with intelligence as well as crime prevention.

"It's about positioning SAPOL for the future and the growing trend for phones, devices and computers to be used to facilitate crime or used to assist in a crime," he said.

"A phone is now essentially what a hard drive used to be - it can contain a vast amount of data,.

"This is our plan for the future with this branch able to assist other areas of SAPOL with investigations, data extraction and specialist digital work."