Life Through the Lens: Only the sun can lift life's fog

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.
Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

All is still.

Fog, like a leftover from a dream, sits on the water, waiting for the sun to warm the air, to lift the dampness and show the glory of the living scene.

Slowly all is revealed: waterbirds dragging their rippling wakes, flowers lifting their waking heads.

A swallow darts past in search of breakfast.

Suddenly the sun, a flaming torch, shoulders aside the remaining haze.

Pearlescent spider webs wearing necklaces of dew quietly and wordlessly say, "look at this glory, enjoy it and wonder".

We may not accept or believe it, but a loving God tells us he wants our lives to be lives of wonder, glory and joy.

There will be days with "fog" in our lives causing us to lose sight of the good things of life, the glory of living.

But it is all still there to see, to experience and to wonder at, just waiting for the fog to lift.

There are times when the joy-sapping fog will be too heavy to lift.

We may even wonder if it is all worth the trouble.

Only the sun can lift the fog from the wetland.

It is good to believe the words of others who have experienced the joy of the fog-lifting God.

In a letter to the early followers of Jesus in Rome, the apostle Paul said, "I pray that God who gives you hope will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him".

Never forget the power of God's son, and talk to him about the "foggy" days.

God bless.