Long-serving Unity College manager Phil Zanker retires

When Phil Zanker started work at Murray Bridge Lutheran Primary School, the secondary campus of what is now Unity College was just a paddock and a dream.

Twenty-three years later, the man who played a central role in the site's development has retired.

Between leading the charge on building projects, writing policies and managing the college's finances, he said no two days had been the same during his time in the job.

But forget the buildings - what he was most proud of, he said, were the children who had come through the college and grown into successful adults.

In some cases, their own children had since started at Unity.

"What some of them have done has been pretty amazing," he said.

"Some of the kids I know personally, they've come here and you can see what they've done in the community and how they've developed.

"If they hadn't come here and got that input, that value-adding, I don't know where they'd be now."

He hoped to spend more time with his family in retirement, and to travel around Australia.

His successor as the college's business manager is Michael Obst, formerly an operations manager with livestock nutrition company Alltech Lienert Australia.