Murray Bridge Auto Collectors Club hands out 2019 awards

On the evening of Saturday, June 22, members of the Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge (ACCMB) gathered for dinner and their 2018-19 awards presentation.

The cold weather outside made it an almost stay-at-home-by-the-fire evening, but 50 ACCMB members braved the cold to journey to a warm and cosy Murray Bridge Bowling Club for the important yearly meeting.

As members gathered, found their seats and enjoyed a drink and chat, ACCMB's publicity officer received a phone call from one couple asking, "what time is this dinner? No members are present yet."

You guessed it: the well known couple were at the wrong venue - not bad for a coach driver and his bride.

With all members accounted for and seated, including the latecomers and one member who had received a leg massage so that she could attend, president Claude Minge welcomed them all and outlined the evening's proceedings.

Well done to the member who had therapy - that was dedication of the highest degree.

The bowling club ladies who had been busily preparing the evening meal came out of the kitchen with no fuss and served it to perfection.

The noise of members' chatting dramatically quietened; all you could hear was the sound of knives and forks.

Then it was the job of the president and secretary Brenda Cowie to present the "keeper trophies" from 2017-18, then the perpetual trophy winners for 2018-19.

At the conclusion of presentations, dessert was served, followed by final thanks to the lady volunteers, headed by Sue Smart and Kay Simes, along with the bowling club's bar staff for a scrumptious meal and superb service.

Thanks was also given by Mr Minge to Ms Cowie, for all her efforts in organising the trophies for the winners.

Applause was given by members of the ACCMB.

As the evening drew to a close, members said their farewells and thank yous, then headed out into the cool of the night before heading home.

It had been another successful presentation dinner.

Trophy winners

  • Valvoline Trophy (for the most points scored for attending meetings and runs): Jan Hall
  • Patron's run winners: Suzannah Lambert and Peta Buck
  • President's Trophy (a member chosen by the president for continuing club service): life member Lyn West, for 15 years of producing the club magazine Auto Torque
  • Sausage sizzle run quiz winners: Elaine and Roy Bretag
  • Ladies' day run quiz winners: Elizabeth and Claude Minge
  • Economy run prize winners (the members who guess the amount of fuel used by a nominated vehicle): Peter and Aileen Geue
  • Most improved vehicle (for a progressive restoration viewed by a judging panel during the year): Ricky and Neil Kaak, for their 1958 FC Holden station wagon
  • Founder's Trophy (for organising the most interesting run during 2018-19, decided by the club's run coordinator): Elizabeth and Claude Minge
  • Mal Fountain run quiz winner: Deirdre and Trevor Kitto