Lohmann Street, behind Murray Bridge High School, will become one-way in October 2019

A map of current parking restrictions around Murray Bridge High School. Image: Rural City of Murray Bridge.
A map of current parking restrictions around Murray Bridge High School. Image: Rural City of Murray Bridge.

The street behind Murray Bridge High School will be made one-way for 12 months while the local council trials a solution to traffic problems in the area.

Lohmann Street will become a one-way throughfare from Long Island Road to Humphrey Street from this October's school holidays until October 2020.

A kiss-and-drop zone with space for four cars will be introduced on the school side of the street.

All other parking restrictions along that length of the street will be removed, giving students more space to park closer to the school.

One-hour parking zones in Hooper and Edinburgh Streets, Elberta and Long Island Roads and Jarvis Avenue will remain.

The Murray Bridge council received 84 responses to a community survey on the issue, during which they focused heavily on the streets immediately surrounding the high school.

People were presented with four options: encouraging parking on the school side of Lohmann Street, with a no parking zone on the far side; making the street one-way as well; removing all parking time limits and allowing students to park wherever they wanted; and keeping the current parking restrictions.

The status quo was the single most popular option, but council staff guessed that was because residents were determined to keep the parking restrictions along their streets, not because they opposed making Lohmann Street one-way.

Residents also expressed a "strong preference" for the high school to provide off-street parking.

But Department for Education policy meant that was not an option, the council's city infrastructure manager said in his report.

"The Department for Education has a policy position regarding senior student parking ... (the department) does not provide an area for student car parking on school sites, even in instances where the local council prohibits parking in the surrounding streets," he said.

"As such, the provision of car parking on Murray Bridge High School land for the use of senior students is not an option currently available."

There was no substantial discussion of the proposal at a meeting last week by the Murray Bridge councillors who approved it.

However, Cr Mat O'Brien noted that other schools were having issues with traffic as well.