Life Through the Lens: Every coin has two sides

Photo: File.

Photo: File.

We may not use coins much, but we all know a coin has two sides.

Depending on how we look at what is happening in life, we can sometimes see two sides to a situation.

Even how we relate to someone can have many sides.

When I suggest flipping a coin, I'm not talking about taking a chance.

I'm suggesting we look at the other side.

One morning my son made a not-so-nice comment about a harassed mother pulling her child to school.

In a "flip the coin" moment, and an attempt to teach him compassion, I suggested, "Maybe after a sleepless night with a sick child, this young mum, new to town, without family or friends, her partner working away, was doing her very best to get her unhappy daughter to school".

His quick response was, "Well then, it's good she is trying to get her daughter to school."

"I wonder how the baby is this morning."

He had flipped a coin, and his judgement turned to compassion.

Whether the mum had suffered a bad night, I've no idea, but my son had learnt how to "flip a coin".

God sees all sides of our situations.

In love, he offers to help each of us see the other side as he sees it: with love and support.

Think about this.

"God makes his people strong; God gives his people peace" - Psalm 29:11.

Let God flip your life.

Cheers, and thanks to Nicoli for the concept.