Life Through the Lens: Be still and be amazed

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.
Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

God, through his words in the Bible, gives wise and exciting advice.

"Be still and know that I am God" - or, as I would say, "be still and let God amaze you!"

While deciding which flower to photograph, something amazing happened: this dragonfly landed on my camera arm.

Decision time: could I encourage it to move to my free hand and photograph it?

It did move.

I was amazed, and you can see the result.

Then came my wonder at the intricate patterns of its wing structure, seen close up as the insect continued to sit quietly.

Seeing God's amazing love in action can be as much about taking time to observe as being still.

See a mother's loving "you are special" look toward her child.

Watch as a toddler places a small, soft hand into a father's large, calloused hand with a look that says, "I trust this man; he's my dad; I love him".

Be still and feel the gentle, refreshing breath of God in a summer breeze as it softly moves the hairs on your arm.

At the end of a dry season, stand still and breathe in the air charged with ozone that comes with a thunderstorm.

Stop and enjoy God's free and spectacular light show carving patterns through majestic clouds.

Be still and amazed as you read his words from the Bible.

Be still and, with expectation, wait for him to, gently and in love, speak to your heart and your mind.

Be open and be amazed as he moves you to respond.